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Getting Document Scanning done, can make future moving a lesser load!

So today is the big day of the move and everyone is excited. You and your family are moving across town to a nicer place that is far more convenient for work. You have the moving truck all packed up but for a handful of items. These items are massive filing cabinets that house all […]

Why Recycle??

The recycling paper industry is performing its best role in diverting the amount of solid waste from landfill into different types of new products. This is a very helpful process as it saves energy and water because it consumes less of each when you use recycled paper to manufacture new products. Before going into detail […]

Document Scanning or a Paper Trail?

That important piece of paper in your hands won’t last forever. It is possible that it will not live through the hour due to an unfortunate coffee-spill accident. Assuming you can even read the information that was once easily legible underneath that new veneer of sugar- and French Vanilla cream-laced liquid caffeine, there is no […]

Today about 160 million tons are recycled!

A long time ago, people had been using stones, animal skins or fabrics for the purpose of communication through writing, but now paper has become the primary ingredient in letterhead. China was the first to create paper in 105AD. Tree bark, which is reduced to pulp, was used to create paper. Paper is considered one […]

Document Scanning vs. Identity Theft

You receive an email from an address that seems like a legitimate company, offering you a pair of free cruise tickets to the tropics. All that you have to do is provide them with a little personal information in order to prove to them that you are, in fact, the person who was selected to […]

The Earth is wasting paper products in many different ways…

The earth wastes enough paper every day to cover the netherlands every 5 minutes. Americans throw out enough paper each year to build a 12-foot high wall from New York to Los Angeles. Recycling one ton of paper saves about 17 trees . Americans receive almost 4 million tons of junk mail a year. If […]