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Make paper airplanes with all your excess paper laying around…

I would hope that everyone has made a paper airplane once in their life, though some people might not be able to get it to fly.  Or, if it does fly, it doesn’t fly far.  Here are the easy, step by step directions on construction the perfect paper airplane from Exploratorium all your excess documents […]

Green Doctor Means a More Private Doctor

So it seems your doctor has made the switch to green and now has almost all of their patient, doctor, and even financial information stored digitally. That’s great news! It means that your doctor cares about the environment and leaving a smaller carbon footprint. He will also probably save lots of money just on paper […]

Say “Oops” and “Ouch” No More!

Ouch! How does that paper cut feel? Are you about sick and tired of them? It really is amazing just how sharp a flimsy piece of paper can be. Combine that sudden deep little cut with the time it takes to heal and your new (not quite so) irrational fear of nearly all paper edges, […]

Document Scanning has positive benefits

Many companies are offering their services to scan documents which people require. We are one of those companies.  At Tarheel Imaging and Mircrofilming, we provide a professional look to the document. We help you to get positive benefits from customers, employees and shareholders by providing efficient and productive system to manage your document imaging and […]

Keep, Scan, or Shred?

I think I am not the only one when I say that I never know what to do with financial documents, do I keep them, scan them, or shred them??  I don’t want to see my like a hoarder but these are very important documents and you just don’t want them to get in the […]

Government Going Green?

Recently the Obama administration has set plans in motion for old Uncle Sam to head towards the direction of a paperless institution. So now what does that mean exactly? Well, it means that they are taking the first steps towards independence from paper. These are simple baby-steps, mind you, but they will certainly pay off […]

The Paper Clip

So many things have been created because of paper.  Did you ever think about things made to make it much easier for paper to be carried, combine all the pages together, etc?  Well, here is one thing that, I believe now, we take for granted:  The Paper Clip!  The standard paper clip, which really isn’t […]

Even the Medical Field is Going Paperless!

Have you been wondering whether it would actually be as beneficial for you as everyone says it is to go paperless? Let us answer that question by first posing you another: Do you trust your doctors and the hospital they work in? If you answered yes to the second question, you might be saying yes […]

Origami – A meaningful use of all your leftover paper!

So now that you have all your documents imaged and scanned, think of all this access paper you have laying around.  Need a simple craft idea for the kids or just don’t know what to do with all this fabulous paper – do the inevitable – make the original Origami Crane! This is the most […]