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Free up your wasted paper space with Document Imaging

If you have worked for any mentionable time in an office environment you are aware that there is frequently an overabundance of paper there. This is especially true for offices located at the epicenter of national or economic concerns. Offices near Wall Street and Capitol Hill, for instance, see an incredible volume of paper coming […]

The Law Offices of Green and Paperless

“I don’t work in a big corporate office, so what is the point of me going paperless? Only skyscraper-office residents could have a use for a green office, right?” Wrong. First of all, everyone can benefit from going paperless. Not only does it save money on paper costs, it is also incredibly convenient and easy […]

Three Reasons Why Digital is Superior

You know what the best thing about digitizing your documents and putting all of your important files into a more manageable format is? Just how incredibly easy it makes your life in every respect concerning those files. Work, taxes, bills, and all other sorts of what-have-you’s. It is not unlike slapping one of those “that […]

Even the Government Could Benefit

Ever feel like you use too much paper at work or in your home? The amount of paper you go through keeping your files all in order and organized is, surprisingly, almost negligible compared to how much our government goes through in a  single legislative day. Each and every bill and propositional movement that is […]