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Introduction to Shredders

Document shredding has become increasingly popular in most recent years due to the sensitivity of personal information and with identity theft running rampant, you can never be too careful about how you dispose of yours or your customer’s private and confidential information. A paper shredder is a machine used to cut paper into thin strips or fine particles. […]

How Scanners Work

Let’s review what we scan and why… • Accounting and Finance: Invoices, Expenses, Reports, Tax Returns, Client transactions • Human Resources: Personnel Files, Reports. • Medical and Insurance: Medical and Dental Records, Claims and Quotes • Real Estate: Property Deeds, Building Plans, Sale Documentation • Petrochemical: Oil & Gas Exploration Documents, Maps, Seismic Surveys. • […]

History of Scanners

History of Scanners Scanners of modern day times are considered to be successors of the early day telephotograph and fax machines. Several early models, constructed by various people, helped lay the foundation for the technology we are exposed to today. As early as 1843, Alexander Bain created a device made up of two pens connected […]