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Body Scanners: Two words that illicit a range of emotions in American citizens.

Despite nationwide shock at allowing airport employees to view revealing X-ray scans of travelers, the Transportation Security Administration deployed body scanners at every major airport in the United States. The Department of Homeland Security spent $90 million on the purchase of more than 600 body scanners. To alleviate privacy concerns, the government is now spending […]

NCDOL Awards Contract to Local Imaging Company Firm

Wilmington, NC— The North Carolina Department of Labor (NCDOL) has awarded a contract to local imaging company, Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming.  The company responded to an open bid request by the NCDOL for document imaging and indexing services for the state’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) files.   After winning the contract and successfully completing […]

Rubber Mulch. Recycle More Than Just Paper.

Rubber Mulch-Recycle More Than Just Paper Rubber mulch is an interesting and unique byproduct of shredding.  It is composed entirely of recycled tire rubber.  The metal rim is removed from old and worn out tires and then the rubber is shredded into granules.  Rubber mulch comes in different shapes and sizes, depending on its use.  […]

Identity Theft: Why is it so Terrifying?

Identity theft: a more and more frequently used buzzword in today’s highly digital society. Why is it so terrifying? Even the term is a bit misleading, because the thief does not assume a person’s identity, he only steals access to information.  A less ambiguous moniker for the crime would be identity fraud; because the thief […]

The Office

More than just a show, the television show: The Office is a cultural phenomenon. At its zenith, viewership spanned more than 11 million viewers. Board games, T-shirts, video games and even bobble heads were introduced as the show gained increasing popularity. Because of its seemingly normal office atmosphere and hysterical comedy, the show’s popularity exploded […]

Simplify Your Life

Tired of boxes and boxes of important files in your office? Does your office always feel cluttered and chaotic? You’re not alone. Almost all companies and individuals are required to store things such as tax returns, medical records, employment records, etc. Business owners are required by law to keep copies of their financial records for […]

As A Matter-A FACTA

A Review of Federal Privacy Laws The Fair And Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA) – this federal law was passed on November 22, 2003. This act allows consumers to request and obtain a free credit report once every 12 months from each of the nationwide consumer credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). In cooperation with […]

Why Shred ???

Because you DON’T want to: 1. Just Dump It – Ever hear of dumpster divers? Crazy right? Not really! Identity thieves will go through a great deal if it means they might be able to obtain some information that could help them buy that new car and big screen television on your credit card. Corporate […]

Shredders – A Closer Look

Shredders are classified according to the shape and size of the shreds they produce. Shredders can range in size from standard scissors and other hand-operated devices all the way up to truck-sized shredders. Here are several examples of the various cuts that shredders are capable of: Strip-cut shredders, the least secure, use rotating knives to […]