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Employee Fraud—It could happen to anyone.

                You don’t have to worry about fraud.  You trust your employees, right?  After all, you only hire the best: the most loyal, diligent, and trustworthy people. Your staff would never steal from you.  Unfortunately, the statistics do not agree with you.  According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), small businesses that employ […]

Healthcare, You, and Electronic Document Management

On June 28th, 2012 conservative Chief Justice John Roberts shocked The United States and the world by siding with the left-leaning bloc in a dramatic 5-4 Supreme Court ruling, allowing the constitutionality of Obamacare.  (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) This monumental ruling requires that all Americans obtain health insurance by 2014 or face a […]

GWBJ write up – “Tackling the Paper Trail”

Libby Lambeth’s growth strategy draws from the best of her company’s past practices, while pushing her family-owned enterprise firmly into the future. Since taking the helm of Wilmington-based Tarheel Imaging & Microfilming Inc. four years ago, Lambeth has expanded its capabilities and market. Her success at doing so was illustrated recently when she landed a […]

Appalachian Trail

A rugged dirt trail winds its way through the forest.  Above, tall pines lean over the path, blocking out the sky with a dense screen of needles.  A few scattered beams of sunlight manage to struggle through the green filter down to the forest floor.  Tiny particles of dust hang lazily in the air, caught […]

Batman and Film

 Shrouded in clouds of secrecy and mystery, the Dark Knight’s immense appeal lies in the complexity of his character, and the relatable humanity of his abilities. Filmed in 2005, Batman Begins (the movie) starts from the beginning—his childhood. Bruce Wayne’s journey to become Batman is filled with horror, murder and revenge. As a child, Bruce […]

Go Paperless!

If your office looks like a bomb went off, you have problems. Because of your lack of organization, your personal workspace and business may be suffering from inefficiency. Everyone in the business world knows that time equals money, and inefficiency can waste both. Developing essential organizational skills gives you the ability to stay sane and […]

Barcoding: A Brief History

We’ve all been to the grocery store.  You know the scenario.  It could almost be a sitcom situation.  The checkout line seems to stretch all the way to the dairy section.  Of course, out of an endless line of registers, only three are open.  Our unsuspecting shopper sighs as he sees an overflowing cart pull […]

What do I need to shred?

Coming towards you, the perfectly clear, bluish-green wave slowly swells as you jump on your surfboard and ride it—shredding the wave all the way out. Startled, you jump up from your office chair, taking the vivid vision away. Dejection sets in as you realize that the only shredding you do today will be in the […]

Microfilm – What you don’t know.

Imagine a private detective seated with his back to the door at a low table in the back corner of a forgotten public library.  No one else but the librarian is in the silent building.  A lonely lamp faintly illuminates the huge mound of documents that lays piled on the sturdy oak table. The detective […]

Dumpster Diving and Privacy

Privacy is a thing of the past.  In the American culture of today, nothing is sacred.  People post embarrassing pictures on social media, the FBI taps phone calls, and the media can dig into anyone’s past.  Before the advent of the internet, one could escape his past by moving to a new area.  Not so […]