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In 2005, the American Film Institute ran a three hour special program entitled “AFI’s 100 Years…100 Movie Quotes.”  The special television event, which played on CBS network, highlighted the top 100 most memorable movie quotes of the past century.  The segment was hosted by action star Pierce Brosnan and featured commentary from a host of […]


Advertising makes zero sense.  How is it that a product, previously unremarkable to the consumer, suddenly becomes desirable once a celebrity endorses it?  I can understand the helpfulness of a doctor’s endorsement on a healthcare product, or perhaps a chef’s recommendation of a food item, but what does Roger Federer know about watches?  The most […]

Tour Wilmington

Your Next Beach Vacation- Wilmington, NC Wilmington, NC is a small enough city to be charming, yet large enough to accommodate the large department stores and popular food chains.  A city of contrasts, Wilmington blends old town history on one side of the city with new shopping centers (Mayfaire) and the warm, beautiful beach on […]


Social Media: Part I In an age when dinosaurs roamed the earth and humans used crude tools to survive, a more than averagely intelligent man was born.  One day he noticed his hands became warm when he rubbed them together.  In a burst of inspiration, he decided to see what would happen if he did […]

Backup Part II

Close your eyes and imagine this combination: Aviator sunglasses, beach volleyball, and 80’s music.  If the image is still a little hazy, add in Navy flyboys, pristine motorcycles, and the California sun.  If you still don’t have a picture of the iconic fighter jet movie Top Gun firmly fixed in your mind then you need […]

The Hidden Stalker

If you’ve sent an email, commented on a social network, tweeted, joined a dating or ancestry website at any time; you have left a digital footprint online that can be dangerously permanent and public. (Remember the Anthony Weiner scandal?) In today’s society, much of our day is spent connecting with others online on sites like […]

How SOX keeps you safe

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act.  The very name sends shivers of fear down the backs of corporate officers—well maybe not, but this pivotal piece of legislation did have a huge impact on corporations, accountants, and financial documents of all kinds.  Sarbanes-Oxley, or SOX for short, took effect in 2002.  It is named after Republican Congressman Michael Oxley […]

What is a Data Backup?

I hate backups.  I’m not sure about everyone else, but my online security service is always whining about backing up all my important data files.  An annoying message window shows up on my desktop almost every day saying that my security is compromised because my backup has not been completed recently!  What are data backups […]

Epic, American, Olympic Moments

The 1980 Miracle on Ice. The 92’ Dream Team. The 99’ Women’s Soccer Team. Mary Lou Retton’s perfect 10’s. Jesse Owens’ Gold Metal In Nazi Germany. Unforgettable, iconic, American, Olympic moments in history that invoke emotions of national pride mean much more than individual honor but exude a passionate patriotism. Moments that have united America […]