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Top 10 Work Motivators

You see it happen all the time. A student, coworker or subordinate lies and calls in sick because they don’t feel like working and are on vacation. Hard work and work satisfaction must be physically learned, not taught, in order for people to appreciate and find value in it. According the work Theory X as […]

“Who Ya Gonna Call??”

I’m afraid Halloween is upon us once again.  Truth be told, Halloween is not actually one of my favorite holidays.  Sure, I like dressing up and eating gobs of candy, but what kind of major holiday doesn’t give you the day off?  Come on!  Personally, I think we should take St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, […]

Who will you Vote for?

It’s that time of year again.  Every four years the country collectively holds its breath in anticipation of this event.  The contestants rally supporters for one final week. It all comes down to one last day.  I know what you are thinking, but no I’m not talking about the Winter Olympics.  It is election season!  […]

Who is Driving Your Company?

If you have not heard already, California recently became the third state to legalize the use of autonomous cars on its public highways.  Nevada and Florida also joined California with the implementation of this radical legislation. The legislation in all three states is very narrowly worded and merely gives the DMV the authority to create […]

Your Time Is Money

What will you choose? “Time is money.”  Undoubtedly you have heard this iconic American phrase.  It is one of my father’s favorite things to say.  When I was a kid, anytime we had to wait an unnecessarily long time, my dad would grumble “what’s taking so long?  Time is money after all.”  Like me, you […]

Fundamentals of Decision-Making

Chocolate or vanilla, business or biology, To date or not to date. Some choices in life are easier than others, and some can be virtually paralyzing when considering their impact—such as a significant move, a new relationship or a job change. Leaders do not make decisions until they consider their costs and impact. Essential Questions […]

Are You A Hoarder, A Packrat.. or Dysfunctionally Organized?

You might be a packrat if you have a collection of glass bottles on your shelf.  You might be a packrat if you still have that unworn holiday sweater in your closet that your grandmother gave you for Christmas ten years ago.  You might be a packrat if you repair your fly swatters instead of […]

A Slowdown In Business Is No Better Than A Slowdown in a Supercar

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own the fastest car in the world?  Imagine cruising down an abandoned road, zooming at speeds somewhere in the vicinity of 200 mph.  As you approach the top speed the car begins to rattle and you feel your control slipping away.  In your mind the […]

Why iPhone 5?

Before I begin, I must confess something to you:  I am not an iPhone guy. I don’t even own a smart phone.  I know it might sound archaic, but the only piece of Apple hardware I own is a five year-old iPod that barely works.  The only reason I tell you about my backward background […]

Organize Your Life

Organizing is defined as deciding how best to group organizational activities and resources. Organization affects all areas of life, from your bedroom to your business and beyond. “Anything is commonly considered organized when it looks like everything has a correct order or placement. But it’s only ultimately organized if any element has no difference on […]