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Tips on Sticking to that New Years Resolution!

New Year’s Eve is a wonderful time of the year.  Everyone likes to shrug off the weight of the previous year, celebrate good times, and look forward to brighter prospects tomorrow.  Deep down, everyone is eternally hopeful.  There is always a chance that things will be better in the future.  Sadly that does not always […]

The Importance of Company Culture

With Christmas come and gone and other holidays approaching, most business owners are focused on one thing: meeting customers’ endless needs. While this is to be expected, many times business owners become excessively focused on profits and customers and they forget to thank and reward their hardworking employees. Employees need to understand how much they are […]

Exit Planning: Are you prepared to leave your business?

Do you think of yourself as a prepared person?  Are you the type of person who is always early to everything?  Do you have every scenario covered? You probably have a flashlight in every bedroom just in case the power goes out.  Business owners are generally very prepared people, but how prepared is your business?  […]

Different Management Styles

Leadership is essential to success.  Everyone knows that without organization a business will crumble.  People need direction.  They need a leader who will take them where they need to go.  “Where there is no vision the people perish” is an ancient adage of King Solomon.  A good leader is decisive.  He needs to stay cool […]

Save Your Money!

“These are the times that try men’s souls.”  Thomas Paine may not have been talking about the world of the post-2008 stock market crash, or the craziness of today’s politics, but his words apply nonetheless.  Times are hard, especially for small business owners.  With new healthcare regulations, higher taxes, and mounds of mandates, it is […]

Step Back and Relax…

Disney movies have finally arrived at Netflix. Netflix signed a “multi-year” deal to stream classic Disney movies including “Dumbo,” “Pocahontas” and “Alice in Wonderland.” Those movies will be available for streaming starting Tuesday. For new releases, the wait will be long. Starting in 2016, Netflix customers will be able to stream feature films of titles […]

Tis’ the Season!

Parties, white elephant gifts, decorations, lights, music, food and fun can only mean one thing: the Christmas season has officially started. The Christmas spirit affects people’s attitudes by invoking memories of home and everything that accompanies it: family, food and most importantly, no work! Christmas is the “annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ,” […]

Importance of SEO

No one likes marketing.   Well, maybe not no one, but the majority of small business owners and managers would rather focus on running their business and not have to worry about promoting it.  However, marketing is a big part of the business process.  Last week we talked about five tips that can help a company […]