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Customer Retention through Customer Service

How do you establish your business as a trusted brand name?  Is it through clever marketing?  Is it a topnotch accounting department?  Will state of the art computer systems lead you to market dominance?  Or is it perhaps a crack sales team?  Sales are all well and good.  No company succeeds without them.  A company […]

Reasons To Drive A Stick Shift…

The knowledge comes in handy when traveling abroad When you’re traveling abroad, knowing how to drive stick comes in handy. Manual transmissions are much more common internationally, and automatics are not always available. If they are, they are much more expensive. You never really know when you will need to be able to drive someone […]

Are You Prepared For What The Weather Might Hold?

If you are in Wilmington or the surrounding region, I hope you enjoyed the sunny weather.  This week was a blazing festival of warm air, sunny skies, foggy mornings and wonderfully unexpected temperatures.  While most of the country suffered under extremely cold conditions, Southeastern North Carolina enjoyed seventy to eighty degree temperatures.  Unfortunately, all good […]

Importance of Customer Service

In previous blogs we’ve talked about management styles, we’ve talked about search engine optimization, and we’ve talked about marketing.  This blog has touched on money saving practices, it has mentioned exit planning, and it has discussed internet security.  We’ve covered a variety of topics, all of which are extremely important, but all doomed to failure […]

Flu Got You Down?

Listen up germaphobes, because the flu is back with a vengeance! For all those people that make fun of you, now is the time they will suffer. Now is the time to influence others to join you and the cult of germaphobia—to save the world… or some friends, before it’s too late. “The latest Centers […]

Gold vs. Paper Currency

Gold.  Everyone has been talking about it.  You’ve seen the commercials, heard the ads, and read the articles.  Gold has become such a huge buzz topic in recent years, but why?  It’s not like it has not been around for thousands of years.  Why all of the sudden interest in gold?  For that matter, why […]

“The One New Year’s Resolution You Must Keep”

Find yourself making the same tired resolution to get fit or lose weight or eat more nutritious foods? You’re not alone. New Year’s resolutions are successful 39 percent of the time among young people, and only 14 percent of the time among people who are 50 or older. Whatever your resolution, the likelihood of its […]