About Tarheel Imaging & Microfilming

Green Family“When your father’s a Methodist minister, you’re guaranteed two things”, begins Libby (Green) Lambeth, “you’ll spend a lot of time floating around the country as your Dad gets reassigned to new congregations, but your upbringing will be anchored by strong family values.”

Libby’s not talking about herself, but rather her father, Clyde Green, who founded Tarheel Imaging & Microfilming in 1990. Although Libby now sits at the helm of the company as the sole operating officer, she’s always quick to give credit to her father. “He taught me everything I know”, she explains.

The legendary Mr. Green was grateful for the many moves as a youngster because they eventually led him to East Carolina University in North Carolina, where he met his beloved wife, Helen Green. Clyde’s first career was a respiratory therapist. Popular with all of the local physicians for his skill and his personality, Clyde decided to put his talent with computers and his entrepreneurial spirit to use. He joined forces with a small group of physicians to start a microfilming storage and duplication business for medical records. When new laws prohibited the physicians from continued ownership in the business, Clyde bought them out.

Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming was (and still is) a family business. Clyde and his wife, Helen, ran day-to-day operations while daughters Lisa and Libby worked part-time while in college. Both girls studied medicine: Lisa pursued nursing and Libby studied exercise physiology while working in a cardiac rehab unit. “Having real experience in medical offices gives us a real advantage in our line of work”, explains Libby.

The business grew quickly thanks to the ever-growing demand for imaging & microfilming and the excellent service the Green family provided for its customers. “Our entire company was built on trust”, explains Libby, “we have always viewed our customers as an extension of our family, a family where we honor our commitments, we stand by our word, and we serve as a trusted partner in achieving our customers’ objectives.”

In 1996, tragedy struck. Clyde Green passed away suddenly. Libby stepped in to do what her father would have wanted—help her Mom keep the business running and continue providing the outstanding service for which Tarheel Imaging & Microfilming was known.

Today, Mr. Green would be very proud indeed. Libby has grown Tarheel Imaging & Microfilming into the region’s most respected document management company. With nearly fifteen employees to serve a growing list of clients up and down the East coast, Tarheel offers the latest in scanning and microfilming technology while holding fast to the traditional family values upon which the company was founded.

Despite her many achievements, Libby is most proud of honoring her father’s memory. “Clients still ask about him”, she says. “And today, I repeat the advice he gave when mentoring me to all of my new employees.”

Although officially retired, Libby’s mother, Helen Green, serves as sounding board for Libby, who stays busy between the business, her two daughters (ages seven and eight) and her three-year-old son. There’s just one night per week, when Libby gets to relax: “I try to spend every Saturday night in my pajamas watching TV!”

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