Second office Opened in Raleigh, NC!

We recently just opened the doors to a second office in Raleigh, North Carolina!  We are pleased to be servicing this area quicker without moving files!  Please give us a call to find out more and how we are eager to help with your Imaging needs!

Battle to Win Customers and Sales!


“The murder of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh at an upmarket Dubai hotel in 2010; the killing of Gerald Bull, a Canadian scientist, on his doorstep in Brussels in 1990; the honeytrap set for Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu in Rome in 1986; the death of Ben Zygier in Israel’s most secure prison two years ago.” All these incidents are believed to have involved Mossad—Israel’s secret service agency, whose stealthy actions are hardly ever confirmed. One of the most successful undercover agencies, the Mossad’s operations are never verified, but mere intuition points to their involvement. General Hassan Shateri, a senior member of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, was shot dead in either Syria or Lebanon. Furthermore, five Iranian nuclear scientists have also met with grisly ends since 2007 alone, most blown up in their cars on their way to work or at their homes. A pattern has emerged – in all cases the finger of blame was pointed at Mossad. While many question the ethics of their work, the Mossad’s effectiveness is unparalleled. The secrecy of the Mossad’s operations continues—most recently in the apparent suicide of “prisoner X” an Israeli prisoner with dual Australian/Israeli citizenship. Many questions have been asked, and the dead silence from the Mossad offers no answers to the world’s questions. Yet blaming Israel for the existence and tactics of the Mossad is perhaps foolish, considering the chaotic nations that border Israel, as well as the history of hate against the Jewish race. Unrest, revolution and War have occurred recently in Egypt, Lebanon and Syria. If Israel did not have a resolute government and exceptional security forces, violence and war would easily engulf  the nation of Israel.

While you and your company may not be at war, you are in a competitive battle to win customers and sales. Without question, security is at the forefront of any business. Consumers will never buy from companies whom they distrust in the slightest. Trust and security are the most important issues regarding business transactions. One family company which continues to provide that essential security for hundreds of other businesses is Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming. They offer services that insure security such as files storage, file retrieval, scanning, shredding, microfilm and electronic document management systems. These are not typical services that will waste your time and money. In fact, they will do the opposite. Purchasing services from Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming is not just another mindless business transaction. Rather, it is an investment for your future. One which will yield significant time allocations and cash saved. Products like microfilm and electronic management systems can be just the things your company is missing.

Move into the future. Call Tarheel Imaging and Microfilm today.

Get Prepared!


Crack!  The crowd roars to life as the baseball soars through the air.  It passes the infield, it flies over center, and it’s a homerun!  The slugger trots around the bases with a smug grin, while the defense hangs their heads in defeat.  Baseball is the All-American sport.  It harkens back to the simpler days.  The days when kids played together in sandlots, the days when club sports were unheard of, the days when our parents were too poor to take dance lessons.  With the passing of the Super bowl, it’s time to get excited for a sport that takes brains, brawn, and talent.   Baseball season is right around the corner and spring is in the air. I can almost taste the salted peanuts, watered down coke, and simmering hotdogs; however not everyone is a baseball fan.  I mean, what’s the big deal about baseball anyways?

I’ll be the first to admit it; baseball does not have the same level of physicality as football or basketball.  I’ve played all three; I know that football and basketball players like to think their sports are so much tougher than baseball.   To some extent they are right.  But here’s the thing, baseball is an entirely different type of sport.  The difficulty level is hard to assess because it’s just not like basketball—if you would pardon the line—it’s a whole different ballgame.

Baseball is a sport more along the lines of golf or tennis.  It takes great concentration, hand-eye coordination, and courage under pressure.  It is a mental game.  At all times on the field, the player must know how many runs have been scored, how many outs have been earned, how many strikes have been thrown, what to do if the ball should happen to come his way and much more.  Baseball is also a bit like surfing; surfing is a sport that involves long periods of inactivity punctuated by brief flashes of intense action.  Baseball is the same way.  Not everyone is cut out for a sport like baseball, but those that catch spirit of the game love it with an intense passion.

Maybe that’s how you feel about document security, but maybe not.  Maybe you are like one of those spectators that gets dragged to a baseball game who wonders why so many rules are enforced.  You might be thinking that the game is so hopelessly complicated that it’s no use to play.  Maybe you leave baseball games disgusted and maybe your document security is a mess.  I don’t know what kind of document manager you are, but I do know that no baseball team can survive without a coach.  The rules governing document security were put into place for a reason: to protect clients’ information.  Sure they are complicated, but Tarheel Imaging specializes in complicated.  It is our job to keep your information secure.  We love our jobs the way that baseball fans look forward to spring.  It’s our passion to protect your documents.  You wouldn’t step out onto a major league baseball bat in hand, and you certainly shouldn’t wade into document security on your own.  Call in the experts.  We know what we’re doing.  So sit back and watch a little baseball; you deserve to feel protected.

Settle Your Frustrations

Angry Birds

No discussion of mobile games would be complete without a tribute to perhaps the most celebrated iPhone application of all time.  Last week we picked up with a blog on the game called FruitNinja. We compared slicing fruit to dicing documents.  This week we’ll take a brief look at what has become a marketing phenomenon and how it reveals a destructive yearning inside of all of us.  If you consider yourself a tech geek in any capacity, or if you own a phone at all, you know that I am referring to the massively popular Angry Birds, which was released on the iOS platform in December of 2009.  Since its inception, the game has sold over twelve million copies.

Angry Birds was developed by a Finnish development company called Rovio.  In the game, the player is required to wield a slingshot armed with flightless birds.  With said weapon, the player launches a severely irritated bird at a group of pigs housed within various structures constructed of wood, stone, ice, or some other pertinent material.  Each level has a limited supply of birds that can be used to destroy the pigs.  Once all of the adversaries have been toppled, one can advance to the next level.    As a player advances, he encounters birds with special powers to help him conquer increasingly difficult levels.  Only by weakening the precisely strategic points in the structures can one ultimately succeed.

Several iterations and spinoffs have been birthed in the limelight of the original’s success.  Subsequent installations include Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, and Angry Birds Star Wars. Another spinoff was created called Bad Piggies which is played from the pigs’ point of view.  Game play consists of building vehicles for the pigs to accomplish different tasks.  Angry Birds Space takes advantage of varying planetary gravity fields to catapult birds around objectives and into space.  Angry Birds Star Wars employs birds with special force powers to accomplish its ends.  Though all of the sequels are very enjoyable, the original still remains the most well known.

As I mentioned before, we are going to take a look at the reasons for such incredible interest in such a simple game.  Last week we examined the simplicity and serenity that is inherent in mindless games.  Such reasoning certainly holds true for Angry Birds, but I think the draw to this game is a bit different.  I think Angry Birds tugs at an inherent desire in each of us to destroy things.  Remember your childhood?  I don’t know if it is just me, but kids love to break things.  We never really grow out of that habit; we only learn to control it.  We still love to destroy, which is why shredding can be such a relief.

I think it’s also why we hate documents.  Keeping up with endless sheets of paper is a royal pain.  Wouldn’t you rather just throw them all on the ground?  Imagine being able to launch an enormous boulder at those rows upon rows of filing cabinets.  Wouldn’t that be great?  Tarheel Imaging gives you the opportunity to do that.  Not literally, of course, but we can relieve you of all your paper frustrations.  It is our job to help you streamline your transactions.  We specialize in document security.  No matter how overwhelming your records are, we can deal with them.  Since we provide such a variety of services—including shredding, scanning, microfilming, and storage—we can work with you to determine what is the best course of action to deal with your data.   Quit being an angry bird and do something about your frustrations.  Call in the specialists.  Tarheel Imaging can take care of some much needed destruction.

Why Can’t Life Be Like Fruit Ninja?

fruit ninja

I think we all can admit that life can be rough sometimes.  No one is exempt from bad days.  Maybe it was that painful trip to the dentist that ended badly, that huge scratch on your car door, or perhaps it was the test you forgot to study for.  Regardless of what set them off, we’ve all had bad days.  Everyone has had days that they just wish they could forget.  Sometimes our relationships are so frustrating. Sometimes work is too demanding. Sometimes you just need to chop some fruit.

I’m sure that was exactly the inspiration behind the creation of the massively popular Fruit Ninja video game.  Maybe it’s a stretch, but for whatever reason, the application that was originally designed for the Iphone has exploded in popularity.  One in every three American Iphones has the game installed.  Fruit Ninja was developed by Halfbrick Studios in Brisbane Australia in the early months of 2010.  Since then it has spread to almost every mobile operating system, including android phones, Samsung’s Bada, Nokia’s Symbian, and many more.  It has even been released on Window’s Eight.

The objective of Fruit Ninja is to slice fruit that is thrown on screen before it falls off screen.  The player directs the blade using his finger on the surface of a touch screen.  If three fruits are allowed to drop, the game ends.  The player could also lose by slicing a bomb that is thrown on screen.  Certain fruits have special qualities. For instance, pomegranates allow the player to rack up points by slicing them multiple times.

The concept of the game is not a tough one.  In fact, the game play of Fruit Ninja is really quite simple.  Somehow the most mindless games become the most popular.  If you think about it though, it makes sense.  This is the age of information.  Lights, sounds, words, pictures, music, and data are all hurled at the consumer at a greater volume than anyone has ever seen before.  Sometimes when life gets too complicated, you just need to relax a bit and do something mindless.  I like to play solitaire.  Honestly, I’m awful at it, but it doesn’t matter because I play to get my mind off things.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your office was like Fruit Ninja? Just pretend that every pointless piece of paperwork could be catapulted on to your tablet screen for you to slice in half.  Wouldn’t that be fantastic?  Just picture all your bills, client info, memos, and mayhem tossed in the air.  All you have to do is swipe your finger; magically they all disappear.  As farfetched as it sounds, getting rid of clutter is easier than you think.  You don’t have to stoop for hours in front of a tiny office shredder, trying to protect client information by shredding it instead of throwing it away.  What if I told you that Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming could take care of all your shredding needs?  It’s easier than the swipe of finger.  Just dial a few numbers and you will have professional help in minutes.  You don’t need to resort to video games to escape frustration; you just need to take care of the problem.  Call us the Shredding Samurai.

State of the Union Address 2013

state of the union 2013

“The welfare of our country is the great object to which our cares and efforts ought to be directed. … And I shall derive great satisfaction from a cooperation with you, in the pleasing though arduous task of ensuring to our fellow citizens the blessings which they have a right to expect, from a free and equal government.” These were the last words of George Washington’s first State of the Union address on January 8, 1790.  Since that time every President has briefed the populace on the status of our nation.   This week marks the first State of the Union address given by President Obama during his second term in office.

The State of the Union address is a speech delivered by the President of the United States before a joint session of Congress, usually on an annual basis.  The speech allows the President to update the people on the condition of the country and outline his legislative plans, for which he needs the help of Congress.  Since the days of Woodrow Wilson, the address has been delivered in the form of a speech.  Before President Wilson, the State of the Union was sometimes executed as a written report.

Incidentally, one of the cabinet members does not ever attend.  He is known as the designated survivor.  In the event of a terrorist attack, or similar catastrophe, the designated survivor provides continuity in the line of succession should the President and all of the other cabinet members die.  After the speech is over, typically the opposition party leader responds to the State of the Union address and the policies put forth by the President.  Despite opposition, security precautions, or dark times, the State of the Union address is usually upbeat, full of hope.  It contains all of the President’s dreams, ambitions, and expectations for the country in the coming year.

Regardless of one’s political party, the State of the Union address provides him with a way to step back and assess the condition of our country.  It allows the people to reflect on the previous year, to think of all that has taken place since last February.  Have you ever stopped and done the same with your office?  Do you often find it in shambles?  Organization is not everyone’s strong point.  If you can’t seem to keep things in order, don’t worry, Tarheel Imaging can handle that; however, even if you are super organizer, you may still need professional help.  How outdated are your files?  Do they take up way too much space?  Have you made sure that they are properly backed up?  If you are unsure about any of these issues you need to get on the phone with Tarheel Imaging right away.  We will take care of any issues you have faster than a President can make a speech.  Don’t just sit back and watch situations develop; take action.

Never Too Early To Plan For Retirement


Are you thinking about retirement yet?  If you aren’t, you should be.  I’m not talking about considering whether or not you should retire this year, but even young workers would be wise to keep retirement in mind.  All too often, it is easy to push the long-term away from one’s mind, but time has the bad habit of passing quicker than one realizes.  Are you prepared for retirement?  Saving up for the time when you must quit your job is essential for your future happiness.  One of the most tragic things in the world is the sight of retired couples who are reduced to the bare minimums of survival because they have run out of money.

Exit planning does not simply apply to businesses.  Yes, a business owner needs to know how and when he is going to transition from running his business, but everyone has to leave his job and some point.  How does one know when is the right time to end his career?  In fact, when is the right time to move on from any job, not just to retire?  Liz Weston, of MSN money, wrote an interesting article on the subject of quitting one’s job.  She offered five questions to ask before you turn in the towel.

Can I afford to quit?

Nothing is as terrifying as facing a period of unemployment with nowhere to go and no cash to keep oneself afloat.  On the flip side, a store of savings can help tide you over until your next job.  It will also leave you more options because an emergency fund gives you the power to hold out for the job you really want without feeling the pressure to provide.  A fat emergency fund and careful spending habits can mean less panic when you’re facing a gap between paychecks.

If you are planning on retiring, you need to think longer term.  Many factors are beyond your control, so it helps to be prepared for any possible outcome.  Try using a retirement calculator to determine your probability of success.  Also, consider consulting a fee only financial planner.

How will I cover health insurance?

Health insurance can eat through a huge section of your savings.  Americans spend more on healthcare in the last three months of their lives than they do in the rest of their lives. Finding affordable coverage can be tough if you are younger than 65 (the eligibility age for Medicare).  Sometimes employer coverage can be extended via COBRA, but you could end up paying the full cost.  You could also contemplate a plan of your own, but even someone with minor health problems may have trouble getting coverage.  Before you retire make sure that you have adequate health care because chances are you are going to need it.

What will I do next?

Don’t just run from a bad job, run to a good one.  Always have goals for where you want to be in a year, in five, and in ten.  You can’t get what you want if you don’t know what that is.  If you are retiring, find something to do.  Busy people go crazy when they have nothing to do. Find a hobby, work part time, babysit your grandkids, but don’t just sit around the house watching tv.  In retirement, the people who are happiest tend to be the ones who have a passionate or sustaining interest in something — and that something probably isn’t playing golf, said Ralph Warner, the author of the excellent book “Get a Life: You Don’t Need A Million to Retire Well.” If you’re not done with work, check out the classic book “What Color is Your Parachute?” for good advice about how to get to the next stage.

What do the people around me say?

Listen to advice. The people that surround you may be able to identify issues that you can’t see for yourself. Your friends and family know you well and probably have good ideas, but don’t make your decision based on other people’s opinions.  Solicit advice, but in the end do what you think is best.  Never let fear hold you back from making a decision.

What solutions am I overlooking?

Sometimes quitting is not the best solution.  Before you decide to leave, look for other options.  Perhaps you can transfer out of a bad team environment. Maybe human resources can help you manage relationships, or perhaps a mentor can.  If you don’t feel challenged enough, try asking for more responsibilities.  It can never hurt to ask.  After all you can always just quit like you originally planned if it doesn’t work out. Financial Planner Christine Fahlund suggests: Continue to work, but cut back on saving so you can start taking trips, indulging hobbies and doing the other stuff you planned to do in retirement. Working even a few years into your 60s can dramatically increase your retirement benefits, Fahlund said, even if you don’t add much to your savings.

The bottom line when it comes to deciding whether to retire or not is that if you are unsure, keep working.  The extra income can’t hurt while you are making your decision.  Retirement planning takes a lot of forethought and effort, but in the end it is incredibly worth it.  Cleaning up clutter follows the same principle.  Let’s face it: no one wants to hire an outside contractor to help his company organize its records, but the payoff is immense.  I promise you that contacting Tarheel Imaging will be worth your while.  Times are tough; only strategies that actually benefit the bottom line are implemented anymore.  Let us be that revenue booster.  You pay your people far too much for them to be hunting up records for hours every week.  Call Tarheel Imaging to streamline your document system so that you can find every document you need, when you need it.  Clients have the right to secure personal information.  Don’t be the firm that compromises their security; call Tarheel Imaging today!

Customer Retention through Customer Service

customer satisfaction

How do you establish your business as a trusted brand name?  Is it through clever marketing?  Is it a topnotch accounting department?  Will state of the art computer systems lead you to market dominance?  Or is it perhaps a crack sales team?  Sales are all well and good.  No company succeeds without them.  A company cannot generate revenue unless it goes out and grabs a share of the market, but unless it can hold on to its market share, a company will fizzle out.  Customer retention is the most important component to turning a startup company into a recognized leader in its field.  We’ve blogged about how customer service is an excellent way to retain customers, but today we are going to address a few more techniques that allow a company to expand into a powerful player in whatever industry it competes in.

  1. Learn From Complaints

Before you can learn how to retain customers, you must first find out why you lose existing ones.  Most dissatisfied customers don’t even complain; they simple leave.  Appreciate the complaints you receive as sources of information and try and find a pattern as to why people are leaving.

  1. Show Customers Your Appreciation

Give your regulars rewards like money-off coupons or other loyalty programs as a part of your overall customer retention strategy. For instance the retailer Kohl’s does Kohl’s Cash, where registered customers receive credit for future purchases every time they shop. You benefit from plenty of repeat purchases and they spread the good word about the benefits of purchasing from your business. Track purchases to see how effective your loyalty program is.

  1. Circulate Surveys and Questionnaires

Surveys, questionnaires and customer loyalty research are the perfect way to receive feedback on what’s working well or not so much.  Customer retention succeeds when the customer is involved with the process.  Let them tell you what they want, and then provide it for them.  Make sure you provide incentives to people who respond

  1. Encourage Repeat Sales

It is eight times cheaper to sell to an existing customer.  Let your customer base know about your current offers and deals.  They already know what you are about so you don’t have to convince them to trust you.  You just need to convince them to come back.  The more they purchase, the more loyal your customers will become. Acknowledge the importance of the “regular” by providing newsletters and regular communications to make sure they’re informed of new product lines, offers, related products, etc.

  1. Reactivate dormant customers.

It is always easier to reach out to consumers that have already made a purchase with you.  Some customers leave because they were dissatisfied, but a good portion just doesn’t come back because of unrelated circumstances.  Try to contact customers who you haven’t seen in a while. See if they would be interested in any of your current offers.

  1. Make a good first impression.

Sometimes you don’t get a second chance.  The best customer retention policy is to be courteous and kind to everyone who walks into your door.  You want the customer to have the best possible experience so that whenever they think of your company they associate it with good feelings.  Listen attentively, smile, and communicate well.  Even a child can tell the difference between good and bad customer service.

  1. Do regular reviews.

The key to customer retention is retaining your standard of service.  It is easy to get sloppy as time goes on so send out regular reviews.  You need constant feed back to see if complaint rates are dropping, what the nature of complaints are, customer satisfaction levels (i.e. from questionnaires), etc. Always be looking to improve the level of satisfaction the customer is receiving.

At Tarheel Imaging we care about our customers.  We want them to come back again and again because they loved our services.  Tarheel Imaging is a family company.  Sure we are good at our jobs, but more importantly we treat all of our customers like family.  Shredding is a hassle; we know that.  Microfilming is important.  Scanning is efficient and helpful.  We are well trained to deal with clutter, outdated databases, paper, and the like, but our number one priority is customer satisfaction.  We wouldn’t be in this business if we didn’t want to make your life easier.  We add value to your company by helping you focus on the important things—like taking care of your customers.

Reasons To Drive A Stick Shift…

Ashton Martin

The knowledge comes in handy when traveling abroad

When you’re traveling abroad, knowing how to drive stick comes in handy. Manual transmissions are much more common internationally, and automatics are not always available. If they are, they are much more expensive. You never really know when you will need to be able to drive someone else’s car, whether at home or abroad.

Some really cool cars only come with a manual transmission.

Some gorgeous cars such as the Aston Martin V12 and the Ford Shelby GT500 are only made with manual transmissions.

Stick Shift Vehicles are generally less expensive than automatics

Because very few people know how to drive stick, the demand for them is low, thus driving prices down. The lackluster demand can become a bargaining chip when you are purchasing a manual.

The gas mileage is more efficient

Consumer Reports found that, on average, a stick shift can improve gas mileage by 2 to 5 miles per gallon. With gas prices as high as they are, every bit of savings helps.

Driving Stick is more fun!

Drivers of a manual actually control the car. They feel apart of the car.  Drivers of automatics simply direct the car. You actually change the gear instead of directing the car to change gears for you. Having full control over your car combined with the faster reaction times make driving a stick a blast.

Don’t you desire the same for your company? For more control and efficiency? Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming provides a wide variety of services that are designed to generate efficiency. One such service is document scanning. Here is a small sample of what sort of documents we routinely scan.

  • Engineering Documents for Engineering Offices
  • Financial Records for Accounting, Financial Services, Brokerage and Mortgage Companies
  • Government Records for Government Agencies and Public Institutions
  • Insurance Applications and Claims for Insurance Companies
  • Legal Documents, Case Litigation and Transactions for Law Firms and Attorneys
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Medical Record Scanning and Imaging, Charts, and X-Rays for Healthcare Facilities Including Hospitals, General Practice and Specialty Practice Doctor’s Offices
  • Real Estate Records
  • Research Documents and R&D Support for Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Site Drawings and Project Records for Architectural Firms
  • Transportation & Logistics Documents for Shipping Companies, Importers, Exporters, and Logistics Firms

Document scanning is an entirely affordable option for companies of any size.  First, Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming will consult with your company about the job. Next, we perform an inventory of your project files, logging and labeling all materials. We scan your documents using technology that ensures the best possible image capture. Each document is checked and reviewed for quality assurance, then converted into the required file format. Next, each electronic file is named, indexed, and coded to enable easy search and retrieval options. In essence, our scanning processes are unlike any other. Our efforts for perfection in scanning your important documents are for your full satisfaction. Guaranteed.

Are You Prepared For What The Weather Might Hold?

If you are in Wilmington or the surrounding region, I hope you enjoyed the sunny weather.  This week was a blazing festival of warm air, sunny skies, foggy mornings and wonderfully unexpected temperatures.  While most of the country suffered under extremely cold conditions, Southeastern North Carolina enjoyed seventy to eighty degree temperatures.  Unfortunately, all good things come to an end.  A cold front from the West is moving in tonight, bringing with it low pressure storm systems.  You can expect temperatures to be much colder in the coming weeks.

What exactly causes change in the weather?  Why was Wilmington so warm in the middle of the winter?  Weather can be defined as the day-to-day changes in the atmosphere.  Weather is determined by three very important factors: temperature, humidity, and pressure. Storms often form where different air masses meet.

Warm air is usually high-pressured because the greater energy of particles makes them move more.  Conversely, cool air is low-pressured.  Think of your car tires; when it’s cold outside they are flatter because the air inside the tires condenses.  When cold air meets hot air storm fronts tend to generate.  Wind is created by high pressure air flowing into low pressure. The reason we had such warm weather this week is because a stationary warm front moved up from Florida and settled over us.  The storms that are beating down as I type are the front runner of the cold air that is moving in from the West.

Climate, on the other hand, is the long-term patterns observed in atmospheric conditions.  Climate is caused by the tilt of the earth and the distance from the sun.  When the Northern Hemisphere is tilted away from the sun, we experience winter.  Incidentally, winter in America happens when the Earth is closest to the sun.  Another key factor that goes into climate is the angle of the sun.  During the colder months, the sun never crosses the sky directly above us.  It treks across the sky at a lower angle.  We are now experiencing winter because the angle of the sun is not as intense as it is in the summer.

So what’s the point?  Why the weather channel update?  Honestly, the folks at Tarheel Imaging want lightningyou to be prepared.  If you are planning on rocking the Bermuda shorts and Hawaiian shirt for the next couple weeks, I highly suggest you reconsider.  Dress appropriately and remember that, along the coast line, weather changes all of the time.  Keep an umbrella in your car at all times.

Fortunately for us all, the weather service provides frequent updates, but who will help you update your records?  You want to be prepared for any contingency, but you just don’t know how.  Today is the day that that all changes.  Tarheel Imaging is your new bad weather friend.  We can keep your documents safe from flood or fire in our secure warehouse, we can scan all your records onto digital files, and we can back them all up on microfilm.  In fact, we can pretty much manage every aspect of documentation you can think of.  Don’t just wait for something bad to happen, buy an umbrella.  Think of Tarheel Imaging as your rain insurance.