State of the Union Address 2013

state of the union 2013

“The welfare of our country is the great object to which our cares and efforts ought to be directed. … And I shall derive great satisfaction from a cooperation with you, in the pleasing though arduous task of ensuring to our fellow citizens the blessings which they have a right to expect, from a free and equal government.” These were the last words of George Washington’s first State of the Union address on January 8, 1790.  Since that time every President has briefed the populace on the status of our nation.   This week marks the first State of the Union address given by President Obama during his second term in office.

The State of the Union address is a speech delivered by the President of the United States before a joint session of Congress, usually on an annual basis.  The speech allows the President to update the people on the condition of the country and outline his legislative plans, for which he needs the help of Congress.  Since the days of Woodrow Wilson, the address has been delivered in the form of a speech.  Before President Wilson, the State of the Union was sometimes executed as a written report.

Incidentally, one of the cabinet members does not ever attend.  He is known as the designated survivor.  In the event of a terrorist attack, or similar catastrophe, the designated survivor provides continuity in the line of succession should the President and all of the other cabinet members die.  After the speech is over, typically the opposition party leader responds to the State of the Union address and the policies put forth by the President.  Despite opposition, security precautions, or dark times, the State of the Union address is usually upbeat, full of hope.  It contains all of the President’s dreams, ambitions, and expectations for the country in the coming year.

Regardless of one’s political party, the State of the Union address provides him with a way to step back and assess the condition of our country.  It allows the people to reflect on the previous year, to think of all that has taken place since last February.  Have you ever stopped and done the same with your office?  Do you often find it in shambles?  Organization is not everyone’s strong point.  If you can’t seem to keep things in order, don’t worry, Tarheel Imaging can handle that; however, even if you are super organizer, you may still need professional help.  How outdated are your files?  Do they take up way too much space?  Have you made sure that they are properly backed up?  If you are unsure about any of these issues you need to get on the phone with Tarheel Imaging right away.  We will take care of any issues you have faster than a President can make a speech.  Don’t just sit back and watch situations develop; take action.