The Law Offices of Green and Paperless

“I don’t work in a big corporate office, so what is the point of me going paperless? Only skyscraper-office residents could have a use for a green office, right?” Wrong. First of all, everyone can benefit from going paperless. Not only does it save money on paper costs, it is also incredibly convenient and easy once you get started. Heck, it is easy to get started with it too! Maybe a little bit time-consuming to do on your own, but that’s why there are professionals who specialize in doing just that for people who don’t have the time or equipment for it.

Even law offices, no matter the scale, can benefit greatly from a transition to paperless. The best part of it all is that digital file organization works just like paper organization. Files all get placed into relevant folders which are either within or close to other folders of the same type. The main differences are that instead of having a massive and bulky folder or entire drawer of a filing cabinet dedicated to a specific type of file you can have a single icon dedicated to those files whose total mass, visually speaking, is only about a square-inch. Not being constrained to physical limitations it is easily possible to have sub-folders within folders within folders. If anything, organization is easier. The other difference is that you do not even have to leave your comfortable position in your rolling chair in order to access them. What some would call laziness in not wanting to get out of your chair, others call it convenience in not needing to traipse about the office looking for files.

One of the other benefits to a digital work environment is that it provides you the option to work remotely from a different computer should you need or feel the desire to. You could potentially work from home in your pajamas even. This does not mean, of course, that your work and client information is at risk though. The beautiful thing about the information age is that for digital files we have something called encryption and passwords. Simply password-protecting your files is like slapping a high quality padlock on them, which is good enough for most people. When you take the extra step to encrypt the files, on top of the password, it is more like closing the door and spinning the lock on a safe, which is way more security than the vast majority of paper documents ever get. What could the harm be in stepping up your security and ratcheting up the convenience factor of the workplace all in one fell swoop? Give the green paperless route a chance and see your job transformed for the better forever.