Three Reasons Why Digital is Superior

You know what the best thing about digitizing your documents and putting all of your important files into a more manageable format is? Just how incredibly easy it makes your life in every respect concerning those files. Work, taxes, bills, and all other sorts of what-have-you’s. It is not unlike slapping one of those “that was easy” buttons that Staples is so fond of on every scrap of paperwork you have.

First of all, typing is far faster than writing. Assuming you have any sort of proficiency with it, of course, and if you don’t, then a short time after beginning you will get there (it is rather remarkable just how fast you can learn where all the keys are). When typing, you never have to worry about writer’s cramps in your hand from trying to fit as many words into the given space as possible. Not only are typed words smaller and fit more readily on a page, but the universal lettering and clear font makes it so that the recipient of your work (or anyone else asked to help out with it) never has to come to you personally to ask “What does this say?” If you have bad or practically illegible handwriting, the typed word is your best friend, especially if you have trouble reading your own handwriting from time to time.

Secondly, when all your work is digitized, nothing can get lost. Yes, it is possible that you may not be able to find what you need immediately, but that never means that it is not there. The only way a file can be “lost” when in digital format, short of a localized electromagnetic pulse, is if it gets overlooked among a mass of other files. However, thanks to the wonders of technology, we all have a search function on our machines. All you need to do to find the offending document is type in the name of the file and boom, bang, zip, done! If you appreciated that onomatopoeia, then you will love the alliteration.

Last but certainly not least is the centralization of the availability of the digitized documents. No more do you and anyone else who needs a  particular document have to squabble with each other for possession of it. In digital format, everyone can access the document and make changes as necessary simultaneously. Granted, people could potentially print out multiple copies of a document, but that is a waste of paper, ink, and time; by extension it is a waste of money. So come join the rest of us in this futuristic information age and put the pricey paper products that potentially piddle precious payments down the pipe permanently away!