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Second office Opened in Raleigh, NC!

We recently just opened the doors to a second office in Raleigh, North Carolina!  We are pleased to be servicing this area quicker without moving files!  Please give us a call to find out more and how we are eager to help with your Imaging needs!

State of the Union Address 2013

“The welfare of our country is the great object to which our cares and efforts ought to be directed. … And I shall derive great satisfaction from a cooperation with you, in the pleasing though arduous task of ensuring to our fellow citizens the blessings which they have a right to expect, from a free […]

Finding the Right Imaging Service for You

Scanning documents can usually be a huge problem. Luckily, there are a many scanning services which will do all the work for you for a fee. Sure, scanning documents yourself can save money, but by going to a pro, you will get your document scanning done correctly the first time. Finding such a service can […]

The Law Offices of Green and Paperless

“I don’t work in a big corporate office, so what is the point of me going paperless? Only skyscraper-office residents could have a use for a green office, right?” Wrong. First of all, everyone can benefit from going paperless. Not only does it save money on paper costs, it is also incredibly convenient and easy […]

Three Reasons Why Digital is Superior

You know what the best thing about digitizing your documents and putting all of your important files into a more manageable format is? Just how incredibly easy it makes your life in every respect concerning those files. Work, taxes, bills, and all other sorts of what-have-you’s. It is not unlike slapping one of those “that […]

Even the Government Could Benefit

Ever feel like you use too much paper at work or in your home? The amount of paper you go through keeping your files all in order and organized is, surprisingly, almost negligible compared to how much our government goes through in a  single legislative day. Each and every bill and propositional movement that is […]

Document imaging will literally take the weight off your shoulders…

Goodness those files can certainly be heavy, can’t they? Trying to  keep track of an armload of folders, some of which are full to bursting while others have nothing more than a page or two within them, can be very taxing. Just think how much extra weight you are carrying around when you have to […]

Make paper airplanes with all your excess paper laying around…

I would hope that everyone has made a paper airplane once in their life, though some people might not be able to get it to fly.  Or, if it does fly, it doesn’t fly far.  Here are the easy, step by step directions on construction the perfect paper airplane from Exploratorium all your excess documents […]

Document Scanning has positive benefits

Many companies are offering their services to scan documents which people require. We are one of those companies.  At Tarheel Imaging and Mircrofilming, we provide a professional look to the document. We help you to get positive benefits from customers, employees and shareholders by providing efficient and productive system to manage your document imaging and […]

Keep, Scan, or Shred?

I think I am not the only one when I say that I never know what to do with financial documents, do I keep them, scan them, or shred them??  I don’t want to see my like a hoarder but these are very important documents and you just don’t want them to get in the […]