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Second office Opened in Raleigh, NC!

We recently just opened the doors to a second office in Raleigh, North Carolina!  We are pleased to be servicing this area quicker without moving files!  Please give us a call to find out more and how we are eager to help with your Imaging needs!


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  You’ve heard the slogan.  What does it mean? According to the Webster’s dictionary, recycling is defined as the processing of materials (as liquid body waste, glass, or cans) in order to regain substance for human use.  Reducing waste has become a huge movement in our modern society.  Recycling is an oft repeated […]

Go Digital to Keep the World Green!

We all know that the use of paper, by its very nature, requires the destruction of some of the very plant life that gives us breathable air. Paper grows on trees, or more literally, it grows as trees. Lately people and businesses have been getting more and more conscious about the size of their carbon […]

Make paper airplanes with all your excess paper laying around…

I would hope that everyone has made a paper airplane once in their life, though some people might not be able to get it to fly.  Or, if it does fly, it doesn’t fly far.  Here are the easy, step by step directions on construction the perfect paper airplane from Exploratorium all your excess documents […]

Keep, Scan, or Shred?

I think I am not the only one when I say that I never know what to do with financial documents, do I keep them, scan them, or shred them??  I don’t want to see my like a hoarder but these are very important documents and you just don’t want them to get in the […]

Government Going Green?

Recently the Obama administration has set plans in motion for old Uncle Sam to head towards the direction of a paperless institution. So now what does that mean exactly? Well, it means that they are taking the first steps towards independence from paper. These are simple baby-steps, mind you, but they will certainly pay off […]

Why Recycle??

The recycling paper industry is performing its best role in diverting the amount of solid waste from landfill into different types of new products. This is a very helpful process as it saves energy and water because it consumes less of each when you use recycled paper to manufacture new products. Before going into detail […]