Back to School

back to school

The time has come. After going to camps and vacationing for the summer, school has started back up! This time can get somewhat anxious for not just the kids but also for parents. You have a million things to do before and after your child starts back up in school.
Here’s a helpful list to get organized:

  • Get Your School Shopping Early

Because undoubtedly you will forget something and your child will need it immediately. Don’t be the slacker parent. Go shopping with your child so they can pick out fun notebooks, pens, ect. Consider planning a budget beforehand to control costs.

  • Schedule Doctor’s Appointments and Sign all School Paperwork

For required immunizations or for sport’s physicals—Also remember to sign all the required school registration and financial papers.

  • Put All Important Dates on Your Calendar

(Student orientation, parent orientation, soccer games, dance class, PTA meetings ect.)


  • Help Your Child Be Excited About Going Back

If you (the parent) are complaining about everything you need to do and going crazy, your child will also develop negative feelings toward school. So make it fun! Tell them about your exciting memories from school.

  • Get Help

Teach good preparation skills. Get the kids to help with making lunches, filing papers, calendaring, picking out what they will wear the next day, packing their bags with books, homework, etc. There will be less stress for everyone. Make sure clean up their rooms. A clean sweep at night makes a better tomorrow morning!

  • Get Yourself Ready-

Especially if you have a baby or kids who do sports, the list of things they need to have with them is never ending. So pack up your car the night before, because who wants to ever do things in the morning?

  • Remember Test Dates

If you have a high school sophomore, junior or senior, mark the dates for ACT and SAT exams on your calendar. Also start to research colleges and universities by finding out when college fairs and college nights will be held at your school or in your community.

  • Plan Breakfast Ahead of Time

Make a special breakfast for the kid’s first day, (or any day) or simply get the bowls, cereal and silverware set up early. Then send the kids off and treat yourself to coffee! (It’s the simple things.)  =)


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