Data Breach? By Paper? It’s More Likely Than You Think

What with the current trend of companies leaning toward a digital format these days, you hear more and more often about hackers and digital information theft. We do not typically hear on the news about how a business’s client information was gleaned from paper documents. No, the far more captivating, rattling to the public, story was about how Sony’s customer information was stolen via hackers and their insidious digital theft abilities. However, the fact of the matter is, improperly handled paper documentation is even more dangerous for company and customer privacy.

Let us first lay to rest the fear of digital theft. The reason Sony’s information was hacked, and this has actually happened multiple times, is because of improper data handling. Their customer information was stored, rather carelessly, in a format that has become almost elementary for experienced hackers to get their hands on. The true crime here, is that there are so many countermeasures that are both simple to implement and at the same time extremely effective at preventing digital theft. Simple information encryption techniques were neglected for unknown reasons by one of the world’s wealthiest companies that, ironically enough specializes in electronic equipment manufacture. But this is not a Sony-bashing blog, I simply mention it to illustrate that the high-profile information thefts you hear about on the news are due to carelessness on the hacked company’s part.

With proper encryption methods and firewalls, passwords and remote databases, the digital format is actually safer than physical paper information storage. One does not need to have any special knowledge of computers and their inner workings in order to read a misplaced or lost piece of paper. If you want to make the move to the safer, but ironically enough, at the same time more easily accessible digital file format and need some help with electronic document management Wilmington NC has the best. Tarheel Imaging even offers document management services Asheville NC and Richmond VA both have access to. If you need document scanning services Jacksonville FL is taken care of by Tarheel as well. Document imaging, document scanning, document storage, and document shredding are all specialties of Tarheel Imaging, and they provide their services to the majority of the Southeastern United States. They are well-known, and well-trusted to take proper care of their client’s information, so be sure to check out Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming Inc. for all of your digital documentation needs.