Going Green and Digital Could Save You

Imagine, if you will, that you are living in an area that is somewhat prone to natural disasters. It could be an area much like Wilmington is right now, very dry and with a high potential for hurricanes (simply by being a beach town). Now imagine just a bit harder and think of what you would do if a hurricane swept through and devastated your home. Now, this is not meant to be depressing so think of it as though the hurricane were perpetrated by malicious flying purple elephants. Assuming these perfidious pachyderms performed their pernicious province properly, your house may or may not be able to serve as a rudimentary shelter now, unfortunately for you, this elephant-storm has the sole purpose of destroying your work documents and files, your tax information, and any and all valuable paperwork you may possess. You maybe had a few of those files backed up on your computer, the ones you thought were most important. Imagine your dismay when you realize that not only is your computer NOT waterproof, without a majority of what you lost, even the files on the computer seem to be more or less worthless.

Never fear though. There are saviors and solutions to such saddening scenarios. The best and most reliable document storage services Wilmington NC has to offer are available through Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming Inc. They do several things to protect your untold hundreds of hours of hard work for you. Firstly, they use their archive storage process to store your hard files in a warehouse where it it kept secure and far more weather proof than the average home. Second, they offer their electronic document management system Wilmington NC and even to nearly every major city in the Southeast United States. Through this document imaging service, the people at Tarheel scan your documents into a digital format, back them up on a remote server (meaning that even should disaster fall on the site locally, your information will remain untouched and accessible elsewhere), and then prepare a system for you on your computer that makes it easy to find and organize the digital files more easily than you ever dreamed of when they were hard copies. Make sure to come by Tarheel Imaging today and safeguard your hard work from disasters too.