Imaging to Boost your Business

We know that document imaging can reduce the amount of paper that goes through your office, and it can also save time spent searching for specific documents, but did you know it can greatly boost your business’s efficiency? Every manager and owner loves to cut costs, so why not do so by eliminating unnecessary paper use?

Instead of that memo you used to put on everyone’s desk twice a week about each new minute policy change, you can make that memo digital and send it to everyone via email. This reduces the cost of each one of those paper copies of said memo, the time spent handing the memo out to each and every employee’s desk, and the recycling costs of each of those pages as your employees throw them away shortly after reading and making note of the message. Instead of waiting for the copier to spit out enough copies to give to everyone and having someone walk around to hand out those memos individually, you could simply email that selfsame document to every employee of yours in the time it takes you to select “add all” in the “To:” field of the email.

It is important that you are able to service your customers quickly, accurately, and capably, especially in a customer service oriented work environment when one deals with customer’s and their unique information via phone. Customers and clients typically do not like to spend more time on hold or even on the phone being actively helped by a service representative than they absolutely have to. Expediting the whole process of information retrieval, and simultaneously making available the same information to each and every one of your employees, is critical to optimizing your client’s experience and satisfaction with your business. If someone calls with an issue and it turns out that after five minutes with one employee that said employee is unable to help the customer on the line, that customer must have their call transferred to someone more qualified to help them. In this wonderful information age in which we live, it is possible to digitally make that customer’s records accessible to all employees who would help them, and it can almost immediately allow the employee to be brought up to speed on the customer’s problem. Document imaging offers many benefits to people on all levels of a business organization, from the employees to the owners. Making life easier for everyone involved, even your customers, is the biggest benefit of all.