Is Document Imaging Right for You?

You may be wondering what the next best step might be for your business. Sure, everyone wants to turn a profit, but that is kind of difficult if you are spending all your money on paying your employees. One answer might be to fire some, but no one ever really comes out of that conversation thrilled to take on the rest of the day. Instead, you could always make some changes to enable those same employees to be more productive and thereby make everyone, namely you and your business, more money.

Just think about the math involved with utilizing a paper document filing system. Assume that you have one employee who spends an average of five minutes a day moving from his desk to the filing cabinets, searching for the necessary document, returning to his desk, and then going back to the filing cabinet to return the document to its proper place when he is done. Assuming you work on a Monday through Friday schedule, that is five minutes each day for 260 work days in a year. That comes out to more than 21 hours a year you are paying one person to simply walk around and look for things. This does not take into account the fact that people like to dally when they get up from their desk, or the fact that they may have to spend extra time searching for a misplaced file. In fact, a misplaced file, which is something that can happen easily and frequently, can not only take an extra 5-30 minutes to find, it could potentially be lost for good.

However, if you decide to utilize document imaging Charlotte NC has some of the best in the business to offer you. Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming Inc offers their services in document imaging Atlanta GA all the way up to Richmond VA. Not only do they offer imaging services, they also have a great document management system Charlotte NC can utilize as well as businesses in Atlanta GA too. If you have enough files and various documentation for your business to fill even one filing cabinet, it might be a good idea to check out the document scanning services Roanoke VA has to offer, whether you live and work in Georgia, North Carolina, or anywhere in between, the best people are going to be Tarheel Imaging no matter where you look.