Free up your wasted paper space with Document Imaging

If you have worked for any mentionable time in an office environment you are aware that there is frequently an overabundance of paper there. This is especially true for offices located at the epicenter of national or economic concerns. Offices near Wall Street and Capitol Hill, for instance, see an incredible volume of paper coming in and out of the place. This paper has to go somewhere, and odds are it is taking up space in an “unused” office room or a basement of some sort. I mention unused in quotation marks because, more often than not, the aforementioned room would be used for something were it not housing so many hundreds of pounds of paper and their storage devices. Fortunately, there are people who have realized that very fact, and decided to provide a service to take those seldom, if never, used documents and file them away, out of sight and mind, until they are needed.

Tarheel Imaging specializes in document storage services, Washington DC all the way to Jacksonville FL. Not only do they serve a wide geographic range, they also provide several incredibly convenient services to compliment the initial document storage. They help you purge your inventory or unnecessary or irrelevant files, and they will store your boxes of files in their own secured warehouse as well. Each filing box is labeled with a barcode in order to expedite the process of storing and retrieving the files. Should you find the need to add files to the previously stored ones, the barcoding process makes it a simple matter to find and pull the box in question. It can be ready for you to pick up by the time you arrive, if you simply call ahead and let them know what you need. In the case of file retrieval, you do not even need to visit them to get whatever you need from their document storage warehouse. Tarheel Imaging will pull a box or even an individual folder from a box of files for you and deliver the item to your office, they are not opposed to using a fax machine if you need something even quicker too.

So whether you need document scanning services Washington DC or document storage services Wilmington NC, Tarheel Imaging will take care of all your documentation needs.