Thanksgiving Come and Gone: Stop and smell the turkey people!


Alas, Thanksgiving has come and gone.  So quickly does this time of year flit across the dashboard of our busy lives, only to be replaced by the next big thing.  We have to wait an entire year for another magical time of pumpkin pie, turkey, love, family, and relaxation.  I think we should all breathe a collective sigh of regret.

What I have come to realize though, is that most people don’t quite agree with me.  Sure, they like Thanksgiving, but they don’t quite appreciate it as much as me.  Some people are so crazy about the next holiday that they put their Christmas tree up in the middle of November!  It is my personal opinion that Christmas rides roughshod right over thanksgiving.  Come on! Shopping for Christmas presents on Thanksgiving Day?  It’s ridiculous!  I realize that people get excited over Christmas.  I love Christmas too.  I just think it would be wise to stop and think for a few days.  Our modern lives are so fast-paced.  We are busy, busy, busy all of the time.  Whether you are an overworked business owner, a stressed-out parent, or an employee shackled to the cubicle, you know how tough life can be sometimes.

Thankfully, we all have something to be thankful for, no matter how difficult life gets.  Some of us are blessed with wonderful families (even if they drive us crazy), some of us own successful businesses, some of us have spectacular health, and all of us live in country with a rich history of freedom, justice, and sacrifice.  Over this holiday season, take a minute to reflect on all of the wonderful gifts you have been given.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming wants to thank you, our customers.  We appreciate all of those who have trusted us with their business, no matter the size of the job.  We especially are grateful for our repeat customers.  In the imaging and microfilming industry, loyal customers are especially valuable because we don’t always get a second job.  It is imperative for us to do the job right the first time because one never gets a second chance at a first impression.

If you haven’t done business with Tarheel Imaging, we still want to thank you for visiting the website, or liking us on Facebook, or wherever you visited to read this.  The more people who know about us, the more businesses and medical centers we will be able to help.  Tarheel Imaging is in business to help people stay organized, stay current, and stay profitable.  We want businesses to thrive, and to that end we created our top-notched team to take care of business’s files, of any format.  Enjoy this holiday season and spend time with friends and family.  Thank you for supporting Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming.