Top 10 Work Motivators


You see it happen all the time. A student, coworker or subordinate lies and calls in sick because they don’t feel like working and are on vacation. Hard work and work satisfaction must be physically learned, not taught, in order for people to appreciate and find value in it. According the work Theory X as developed by Douglas McGregor, people avoid work whenever possible. Although the accuracy of this theory may not be 100% accurate, most people will acknowledge that they try to avoid work. For owners and managers of businesses, this information presents significant problems in employee motivation.  Here are 10 noteworthy ways to increase employee work motivation:

  • A Team Framework
    One of the most important keys to motivating employees is establishing rapport with them. Let them know that they are all on the same team, which increases the pursuit toward the business’s goals. An employee’s relationship with his or her manager has a profound effect on job satisfaction. Just think of it this way – would you enjoy working for someone you didn’t like?
  • Communication
    Open communication is one of the surest ways to boost workplace motivation. Workers want to know what’s going on in the office, and people also have a need to speak their mind. Keeping lines of communication open both ways will answer both these desires and build morale. Any hesitancy in the employee—manager relationship reflects a breakdown in the communication process.
  • Camaraderie
    People get motivated by liking and respecting their boss; they also find motivation when they like and respect their co-workers. Remember, the best teams are the ones that know each other and are able to maintain good relationships in the workplace. “Nurture camaraderie among your employees through team-building exercises, and watch their motivation skyrocket.”
  • Competitive Compensation
    You can’t just ignore the fact that money plays a big factor in motivation. If an employee feels like he or she’s underpaid for the work being done, morale will quickly vanish. Get an idea of what your competition pays its workers, and offer your employees something similar. A happy wallet makes a happy employee.
  • Career Advancement
    As much as compensation plays a part in workplace motivation, so does professional growth. No one’s going to enjoy working at a dead-end job with no room for upward movement. Opportunities MUST be made for career advancement and undoubtedly you want those opportunities to come from within your company.
  • Mentoring
    People take jobs they want to be good at. If you can answer that desire with mentoring programs, you’ll win the hearts of your workers, while at the same time improving their skills. Furthermore, the knowledge that the mentors will impart to your younger employees will greatly enhance their work knowledge and performance.
  • Trust
    Complaints about micromanaging are endless. At the end of the day, it boils down to a trust issue. Show your employees that you trust in their ability to provide their own solutions to problems. You’ll see that motivation comes when workers are given chances to prove themselves.
  • Recognition
    Of course, everybody wants to be acknowledged for a job well done. A pat in the back every now and then will boost employee morale significantly. Employee of the month awards and other recognition programs dramatically increase worker’s motivation.
  • Relief after Burnout
    Burnout is an unavoidable work experience. Employees will find renewed motivation in their jobs if they can see a silver lining after the burnout. Offer them some R&R and assurance that burnout is temporary. Vacation time anyone?
  • Modeling
    Finally, and most importantly, you’ve got to set the example for your employees. People tend to lose motivation when they see their leader’s just going through the motions or not caring. Work with great motivation, and everyone else will be inspired and will follow suit.

Why is this?

Some managers and owners simply want work done, no questions asked. But what they miss is a crucial component of Human Resources: that actually caring for your employees’ state of happiness results in increased company efficiency and productivity. Helping people advance their career directly impacts their loyalty to a company. Most people aren’t internally motivated to perform. Do your company a favor by implementing some of these suggestions and watch your business grow!

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