Why Recycle??

The recycling paper industry is performing its best role in diverting the amount of solid waste from landfill into different types of new products. This is a very helpful process as it saves energy and water because it consumes less of each when you use recycled paper to manufacture new products. Before going into detail about different uses of recycled paper, it is vital to understand how much paper is recycled and how the amount of paper which is being recycled has reached a record level!! Paper cannot be recycled an indefinite number of times like glass and aluminum because paper has just a finite life span because the fibers with which paper is made up of breaks each time and turns into pulp. These fibers can be recycled and reused for about six to seven times and after that they cannot be used.

Go greenOffice grade paper is of good quality and consists of sturdy fibers and it can be recycled back to a similar grade of paper.  It is ideal to use recycled office paper for colors other than white. Newsprint is a lesser grade of paper due to its fibers and can be recycled back into similar product. Cardboard is also low grade papers and can be recycled back into same products used for packaging. It is ideal to manufacture new boxes and cartons. Different types of tissues can also be used to manufacture different kinds of tissues. There are numerous uses of recycled paper. Coffee filters, diapers, egg cartons, shoe boxes, insulation, fiber board and animal bedding all are manufactured using recycled paper.  Working with Tarheel Imaging, we also care about recycling.  With document scanning and document imaging, we are getting rid of paper use in your office, as well as backing up on these documents in a computer system.  Bigger companies that are making the switch to do every on the computer still have older documents that they need to do something with.  Call us today and we will take care of all those old documents and put them on your computer for you and get rid of all the clutter.

Paper creates about 25 percent of landfill waste and is responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. This is the reason that recycled paper industry is flourishing day by day. As compared to new wood used for paper production, paper which is manufactured through recycled paper content utilizes about 44 percent less energy. It also cause 49% less solid waste, 41 percent less greenhouse gas emissions and 50 percent less waste water. Recycled paper industry is flourishing day by day and is playing a vital role towards safety of the environment.