Document Scanning or a Paper Trail?

That important piece of paper in your hands won’t last forever. It is possible that it will not live through the hour due to an unfortunate coffee-spill accident. Assuming you can even read the information that was once easily legible underneath that new veneer of sugar- and French Vanilla cream-laced liquid caffeine, there is no way that it can be presented to a prospective client in such a condition. Now, instead of mentally preparing yourself for the meeting you are about to walk into, you have to frantically attempt to recreate the document again in the hopes that you are merely in time for the meeting.

Had the document been scanned and backed up as a data file, it would be a simple matter to access the backed up file and print it out again. One of the many benefits of going paperless is the fact that, except for the times that you need a hard copy, you never run the risk of spilling coffee on your work. Worst- case scenario is you have to find a new keyboard to plug into your computer because of how swimmingly that most recent interaction between beverage and keyboard went. The document is still there, of course, since the computer itself suffered no ill effects from the spill being safely tucked away under the desk. But that isn’t exactly the worst- case scenario is it?

spilt coffeeLet’s say that your entire area of the office is reduced to blackened ash from the electrical fire sparked by the rogue coffee cup’s tumble. Good thing no one got hurt and all your important documents were scanned already. When you get your information scanned you can easily back up your information in multiple locations in the event of just such a worst-case scenario. Document scanning isn’t all about preventing disasters, however. Most of the time it is done for convenience’s sake.

People used to spend hours each week attempting to find the right documents for their work. Sometimes one would have to go down several floors and navigate a winding corridor simply to reach the room where all the files are kept. Then one would have to search through several filing cabinets’ worth of information to find that one particular document. When all those documents are scanned, however, it usually doesn’t take more than a few seconds to find the right information, and it can all be done without having to leave the desk. We  live in an information age, why should we not take full advantage of the convenience and security it offers us?