Say “Oops” and “Ouch” No More!

Ouch! How does that paper cut feel? Are you about sick and tired of them? It really is amazing just how sharp a flimsy piece of paper can be. Combine that sudden deep little cut with the time it takes to heal and your new (not quite so) irrational fear of nearly all paper edges, and you have not just a bother at work, but a downright inconvenience. Sure it might be nice for an excuse to take a break from work, even if it is bandaging an office battle scar. However no one wants to mind a tender spot on what is typically the most frequently applied area of the appendage, let alone having injuries of any sort.

Another sort of injury that can come from paper is not so much a physical one as it is an affront to your morale. Everyone has had one of those days where they spent an unseemly amount of time attempting to apply some order to the chaos that is your office’s paperwork. Whether you have a filing cabinet or simply stacks of manila folders, there has been at least one instance where you decided you had enough of the clutter and started organizing it all.  However, during the mad whirlwind of activity that surely ensues, you accidentally bump a pile or set something down wrong and have it all come spilling out onto the floor, turning it into nothing short of a disaster area and site of an impending breakdown. There is nothing worse for the productive spirit than watching hours of tedious work come crashing down around your feet.

If you can relate to either of these scenarios, then read on, because the perfect solution to your paperwork woes is a simple fix!

Ask yourself another question now, “Have I ever cut or otherwise wounded myself on my keyboard or spilled an email?” Hopefully, the answer is no, and if so you can put your fear of paper-pushing office work to rest. All you need to do is go paperless! Never again need you fear the edges of a crisp file, because no matter how new a digital document is, it can’t physically harm you. Organization is as simple as naming the file as you save it to your computer, and clutter is as easy to manage as creating a new folder. While this sounds like a painfully obvious solution to paper cuts and an equally painful one to implement, it is actually quite simple. Take your paperwork and all associated documents to the professionals, such as the ones at Tarheel Imaging, and they will have you paper cut free and organized in a snap, with reliable recovery for a reasonable price.