Simplify Your Life

Tired of boxes and boxes of important files in your office? Does your office always feel cluttered and chaotic? You’re not alone. Almost all companies and individuals are required to store things such as tax returns, medical records, employment records, etc. Business owners are required by law to keep copies of their financial records for 7 years. U.S. Laws also require employers to store essential documents that pertain to employees. For example, EEOC Regulations require that employers keep all personnel or employment records; ADEA requires employers must keep all payroll records for three years. All regulatory compliances result in vast amounts of paper for not only business owners, but also individuals.

How do you get that vast amount of paper out of your hair and out of your office?  The answer is simple: scan it.  Why remain stuck in the past?  The year is 2012.  Our whole society is increasingly digitized.  Keeping up with stacks and stacks of paper documents is not only frustrating, it’s also becoming archaic; however, staying relevant is not the only reason to scan.  Scanning saves the valuable resources of time and labor.  Don’t spend all of your, or your employees’ time searching for documents.  Contact the talented team at Tarheel Imaging and get help. Tarheel Imaging can help you organize, remove, and scan your paper, freeing up space, in your mind and in your office.

Perhaps the most important facet of scanning is data backup.  Don’t rely completely on physical copies.  No matter how secure you think your documents are, they are still vulnerable.  According to Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong.  No one can predict fires, floods or theft.  Even little things could affect your files.  Placing a document in the wrong box, accidently throwing away important papers, or simple neglect could threaten your data at any moment. You need to get your documents online and on a disk.  Scanning can take you out of the dark ages, provide security, and relieve stress.  Consider Tarheel Imaging when you scan your documents.

But wait, what about essential documents that you can’t just scan and destroy?  As mentioned above, some files must be maintained per federal mandate.  Scan the files and save them as well.  Save yourself hassle and stress by considering external storage. Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming, Inc. offers you the carefree convenience of coming to you or your business to personally remove, archive, and record the contents.  Your files will be boxed, barcoded and stored securely in a warehouse. When you need a certain file back, Tarheel Imaging can immediately deliver or fax it to you. In addition, you will receive monthly updates on your stored files. Do yourself a favor. Simplify your life through storage.