You’ve Got… Personality.

personalityAre you more restless and fidgety than most?  Do you write rather fast?  Do you prefer challenges or ease?  These are just a few questions from a recent quiz I took on personality types.  (If you are curious, I’m most definitely a type A).  Personality tests are all the rage these days.  It seems like every cognitive psychologist, business coach, and motivational speaker out there has written a book on personality types.  Everyone wants to find out if he is a D, an ENTJ, a beaver, a sailboat, or an A, just to name a few results from some very popular personality tests.  What made personality such a buzz topic?  I mean, what exactly is so important about personalities anyway?  It may seem like a massive ego trip, but assessing personalities can actually be incredibly helpful.

Regrettably, personality can be somewhat difficult to nail down.  Some psychologists say that “personality is the organized, developing, system within the individual that represents the collective action of that individual’s major psychological subsystems.”  Others conclude that it is the particular combination of emotional, attitudinal, and behavioral response patterns of an individual.  Webster’s Dictionary gets very technical and basic.  It asserts that personality is a set of distinctive traits and characteristics: merely the state of being a person.  Despite the different technicalities, I think that everyone can agree that personality is the set of defining attitudes that makes each person unique.  How one responds to situations is influenced by his personality type.

I recently read an article by Dr. Michael Woodward, entitled “Why Personality Matters in the Workplace.”  In his work, Dr. Woodward argues that any manager, headhunter, entrepreneur, or job seeker is in the business of relationships.  Everyone who works with anyone must know how to effectively build and manage relationships.  The best place to start working on relationships is with one’s own personality.  People differ in many different ways, so when working with teams it is important to know one’s own personal strengths and weaknesses, but also to acknowledge the differences in one’s team in order to take advantage of others’ strengths.

Be careful not to confuse personality and behavior.  Though personality does influence one’s choices, external factors and pressures might also be involved in a person’s actions.  Also, personality does not necessarily control one.  Preferences can be overridden and people may act out of character at times.  The key to analyzing personality is observing recurring behavioral patterns.  The behaviors that happen consistently are more likely in line with one’s personality.  Remember, a person is most likely to act in character when in familiar surroundings and not subject to outside pressure.

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