Are You A Hoarder, A Packrat.. or Dysfunctionally Organized?

paper stacks

You might be a packrat if you have a collection of glass bottles on your shelf.  You might be a packrat if you still have that unworn holiday sweater in your closet that your grandmother gave you for Christmas ten years ago.  You might be a packrat if you repair your fly swatters instead of buying new ones.  If you actually own fly swatters, you are probably a packrat.  You might be a hoarder if you can’t see the tool bench because of all the tools.  You might be a hoarder if you refuse to toss holey socks.  You might be a hoarder if you collected marbles as a kid . . . and you still have them.

Do you think of yourself as thrifty?  Maybe you just consider yourself a cautious person.  You do not like to throw things away because you are afraid that one day you might need those items.  It might seem to you that you are like a dragon sitting on a pile of treasure, but all your friends see is a pile of dirty laundry.  Perhaps you are not a fantasy fan, but my point is that some things just need to be disposed of.  I realize that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but treasure takes up a lot of space.  On the other hand, you could just see yourself as a very business-like person.  You keep mounds of papers because you are so busy that you just can’t take care of them.  You are too important to keep your desk tidy.  To you, the chaos is organized.  You think you know right where everything is.  The insurance claim was halfway down stack number…four, right?

Suppose I have you all wrong.  You might actually hate clutter.  You cannot stand to have either your home or your office space to be messy, but you can’t help it.  You are an accidental hoarder.  Papers simply stream off of your desk because you need them.  It isn’t that you gather pages for fun; you just have a flood of them that need your attention.  You are swimming in a sea of ink: drowning really.  You need professional help, but you just do not know how to articulate your need.  Besides you are too busy to get the clutter taken care of.  It’s dragging your business down, but hey, it can wait, right?

Go ahead, admit you are in trouble.  You realize you could use a hand cleaning up the office.  If you are wondering who could possibly organize the clutter that is endlessly spewed forth like a leaf blower by the paper pump (affectionately known as a printer), you need wonder no more.  We can. Think of Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming as a professional organizer/trash man/life saver.  We will come to the office, scan your important documents, shred the unnecessary, duplicate the important, and then cart the remainder off to storage.  Any time you need a physical document, just let us know and we will fax a copy over or hand deliver the original.  Let Tarheel Imaging worry about your documents so that you don’t have to.  We have the skills and the training to get your office organized and focused.  Don’t let clutter frustrate you and waste your time.  Let us save you time and money.  Visit our website or give us a call at 800-741-8505.