A Special Energy Electrifies the Air

A special energy electrifies the air. Players are especially nervous and excited. The trash talk peaks and all bets are on. Many fierce rivalries exist in the National Football League, where diehard fans and players live for the one game that will affect them far after the last whistle blows, but only truly stands out as the best—the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears.

Arguably the biggest rivalry in football, the Packers vs. the Bears has been the most epic, sports battle since the dawn of the NFL. The Bears and Packers are the NFL’s two most successful franchises. The two clubs have won a combined 22 championships in the league’s 92-year history. Dating back to the very first season of the NFL in 1921, the rivalry is the league’s longest: including 185 regular-season and post-season games.  Interestingly, both teams must go through the NFC championship (whose trophy is named after George Halas—the first Bear’s coach,) while the Superbowl trophy is named after Vince Lombardi—the Packer’s first coach and also the most famous NFL coach in history.

Illustrating the longevity and intensity of the rivalry is what happened on November 23, 1924 (Bears 3, Packers 0), which resulted in the 1st ejection of players for fighting—and the passion has yet to slow. Chicago currently leads the series 92–87–6. The two clubs next meet on December 16th, 2012 with Green Bay already having won their previous meeting.

Football is a game of planning, tactics, competition and big hits. That is why people love it.

Business can sometimes be described in the same way. Without proper planning and execution of those plans, organizations fail. Football coaches plan plays and routes. Similarly, businesses like Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming plan for your future. In the areas of shredding, document scanning, microfilming and others, Tarheel Imaging is like a football coach, assisting you (the players) in the grand and complex business world, to make your business more competitive by simplifying all your operations from shredding to Electronic Document Management Systems.

Tarheel Imaging has worked with many companies to transfer essential paper records, documents, microfilms and microfiche. The skilled employees of the company spend time to understand and analyze your business processes. We also offer the best solutions to organize, manage and access your data. Our company provides a range of services from file review and staple remover to document conversion and scanning. No matter the size or budget of your organization, Tarheel Imaging will provide you with the most cost effective approach by simplifying the document storage process. This will automatically help your business in increasing productivity, performance and profit.

Hire Tarheel Imaging as your business coach and coast your way to victory today!