Customer Retention through Customer Service

customer satisfaction

How do you establish your business as a trusted brand name?  Is it through clever marketing?  Is it a topnotch accounting department?  Will state of the art computer systems lead you to market dominance?  Or is it perhaps a crack sales team?  Sales are all well and good.  No company succeeds without them.  A company cannot generate revenue unless it goes out and grabs a share of the market, but unless it can hold on to its market share, a company will fizzle out.  Customer retention is the most important component to turning a startup company into a recognized leader in its field.  We’ve blogged about how customer service is an excellent way to retain customers, but today we are going to address a few more techniques that allow a company to expand into a powerful player in whatever industry it competes in.

  1. Learn From Complaints

Before you can learn how to retain customers, you must first find out why you lose existing ones.  Most dissatisfied customers don’t even complain; they simple leave.  Appreciate the complaints you receive as sources of information and try and find a pattern as to why people are leaving.

  1. Show Customers Your Appreciation

Give your regulars rewards like money-off coupons or other loyalty programs as a part of your overall customer retention strategy. For instance the retailer Kohl’s does Kohl’s Cash, where registered customers receive credit for future purchases every time they shop. You benefit from plenty of repeat purchases and they spread the good word about the benefits of purchasing from your business. Track purchases to see how effective your loyalty program is.

  1. Circulate Surveys and Questionnaires

Surveys, questionnaires and customer loyalty research are the perfect way to receive feedback on what’s working well or not so much.  Customer retention succeeds when the customer is involved with the process.  Let them tell you what they want, and then provide it for them.  Make sure you provide incentives to people who respond

  1. Encourage Repeat Sales

It is eight times cheaper to sell to an existing customer.  Let your customer base know about your current offers and deals.  They already know what you are about so you don’t have to convince them to trust you.  You just need to convince them to come back.  The more they purchase, the more loyal your customers will become. Acknowledge the importance of the “regular” by providing newsletters and regular communications to make sure they’re informed of new product lines, offers, related products, etc.

  1. Reactivate dormant customers.

It is always easier to reach out to consumers that have already made a purchase with you.  Some customers leave because they were dissatisfied, but a good portion just doesn’t come back because of unrelated circumstances.  Try to contact customers who you haven’t seen in a while. See if they would be interested in any of your current offers.

  1. Make a good first impression.

Sometimes you don’t get a second chance.  The best customer retention policy is to be courteous and kind to everyone who walks into your door.  You want the customer to have the best possible experience so that whenever they think of your company they associate it with good feelings.  Listen attentively, smile, and communicate well.  Even a child can tell the difference between good and bad customer service.

  1. Do regular reviews.

The key to customer retention is retaining your standard of service.  It is easy to get sloppy as time goes on so send out regular reviews.  You need constant feed back to see if complaint rates are dropping, what the nature of complaints are, customer satisfaction levels (i.e. from questionnaires), etc. Always be looking to improve the level of satisfaction the customer is receiving.

At Tarheel Imaging we care about our customers.  We want them to come back again and again because they loved our services.  Tarheel Imaging is a family company.  Sure we are good at our jobs, but more importantly we treat all of our customers like family.  Shredding is a hassle; we know that.  Microfilming is important.  Scanning is efficient and helpful.  We are well trained to deal with clutter, outdated databases, paper, and the like, but our number one priority is customer satisfaction.  We wouldn’t be in this business if we didn’t want to make your life easier.  We add value to your company by helping you focus on the important things—like taking care of your customers.