Dallas County Government outed for questionable document shredding practices.

We were shocked to read a story about a community service program run by Dallas County in Texas that allowed convicted criminals to sort and shred confidential documents and personal information. The irresponsible practice was rightfully ended after a local TV news crew aired an eye opening story.

For over 10 years, parolees and probationers worked their community service hours by destroying sensitive documents like psychiatric exams of minors, social security cards, certificates of birth, court records, drug tests and medical records.

One document that aired in the story read: “CONFIDENTIAL AND PRIVILEGED: This report is provided for your use ONLY. It should not be revealed to any person whatsoever — not even to the person(s) to whom it relates without the authorization of the court.”

Obviously many of the county citizens were outraged to learn of the practice, as were many high-ranking county officials. The big question, who started the program and allowed criminals to have access to such sensitive information, is still unknown.

Several officials were worried that the county could be violating federal privacy laws under HIPAA by not destroying the documents through professional shredding services.

A concerned probationer actually broke the story by smuggling out a dozen documents and showing the information to the local news station. The station turned the documents over to the local DA and a judge ordered the practice to cease.

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