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Angry Birds

No discussion of mobile games would be complete without a tribute to perhaps the most celebrated iPhone application of all time.  Last week we picked up with a blog on the game called FruitNinja. We compared slicing fruit to dicing documents.  This week we’ll take a brief look at what has become a marketing phenomenon and how it reveals a destructive yearning inside of all of us.  If you consider yourself a tech geek in any capacity, or if you own a phone at all, you know that I am referring to the massively popular Angry Birds, which was released on the iOS platform in December of 2009.  Since its inception, the game has sold over twelve million copies.

Angry Birds was developed by a Finnish development company called Rovio.  In the game, the player is required to wield a slingshot armed with flightless birds.  With said weapon, the player launches a severely irritated bird at a group of pigs housed within various structures constructed of wood, stone, ice, or some other pertinent material.  Each level has a limited supply of birds that can be used to destroy the pigs.  Once all of the adversaries have been toppled, one can advance to the next level.    As a player advances, he encounters birds with special powers to help him conquer increasingly difficult levels.  Only by weakening the precisely strategic points in the structures can one ultimately succeed.

Several iterations and spinoffs have been birthed in the limelight of the original’s success.  Subsequent installations include Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, and Angry Birds Star Wars. Another spinoff was created called Bad Piggies which is played from the pigs’ point of view.  Game play consists of building vehicles for the pigs to accomplish different tasks.  Angry Birds Space takes advantage of varying planetary gravity fields to catapult birds around objectives and into space.  Angry Birds Star Wars employs birds with special force powers to accomplish its ends.  Though all of the sequels are very enjoyable, the original still remains the most well known.

As I mentioned before, we are going to take a look at the reasons for such incredible interest in such a simple game.  Last week we examined the simplicity and serenity that is inherent in mindless games.  Such reasoning certainly holds true for Angry Birds, but I think the draw to this game is a bit different.  I think Angry Birds tugs at an inherent desire in each of us to destroy things.  Remember your childhood?  I don’t know if it is just me, but kids love to break things.  We never really grow out of that habit; we only learn to control it.  We still love to destroy, which is why shredding can be such a relief.

I think it’s also why we hate documents.  Keeping up with endless sheets of paper is a royal pain.  Wouldn’t you rather just throw them all on the ground?  Imagine being able to launch an enormous boulder at those rows upon rows of filing cabinets.  Wouldn’t that be great?  Tarheel Imaging gives you the opportunity to do that.  Not literally, of course, but we can relieve you of all your paper frustrations.  It is our job to help you streamline your transactions.  We specialize in document security.  No matter how overwhelming your records are, we can deal with them.  Since we provide such a variety of services—including shredding, scanning, microfilming, and storage—we can work with you to determine what is the best course of action to deal with your data.   Quit being an angry bird and do something about your frustrations.  Call in the specialists.  Tarheel Imaging can take care of some much needed destruction.