Tips on Sticking to that New Years Resolution!


New Year’s Eve is a wonderful time of the year.  Everyone likes to shrug off the weight of the previous year, celebrate good times, and look forward to brighter prospects tomorrow.  Deep down, everyone is eternally hopeful.  There is always a chance that things will be better in the future.  Sadly that does not always happen.  Many times the New Year is just like the old one because nothing in one’s life changed.  To propel themselves to change, most Americans give themselves resolutions for the new day, but New Year’s Resolutions fail all the time. Even if you don’t verbalize them, almost everyone has a New Year’s Resolution.  Why are they so unsuccessful?

Resolutions fail for a variety of reasons, but not all are doomed.  The key to success is persistence.  So many people struggle with change because they lack the stick-to-itiveness that is required to make a change.  It takes almost a month to form a habit, but New Year’s Resolutions rarely last more than two weeks.  If you are serious about making a change in your life, here are seven steps to a highly successful resolution from Forbes Magazine:

Define Your Reason

If you want a change to be permanent, you have to believe in it deeply.  Everyone wants more money, less weight, and more time off, but unless your resolution drives deeper than superficial wants, you will never achieve it.  Make sure your resolution is about something you care about.  My old baseball coach always used to ask us how badly we wanted to win, because whoever wants it the most is going to put the most work in to get it. In other words, you have to feel truly passionate about the goals you set for yourself. If you don’t care enough, you will invariably fail because once the boredom and pain set in, you will lose heart.  I’ve picked up the guitar a few times, but I’ve never learned how to play because it was always more of a fantasy than a real dream.  I never wanted to play badly enough to learn how.  Connect your resolutions to those things that give you a deeper sense of purpose and align with your core values.

Be Specific.

Vague resolutions almost never succeed because they give you far too much wiggle room.  Things like “eat healthier” or “exercise more” always fail because they give you no way to track your progress or measure your success. The more specific you are, the more likely you will be able to succeed. Try instead to zero in on exactly how you want your daily life to change.  Resolve to work out at least twice a week, or maybe eat a salad once a day. Make sure your resolution is very specific.

Write It Down.

A Stanford University study found that when people wrote down their goal, it increased the probability of them achieving it by over 70%. A common saying states that a short pencil is better than a long memory.  Writing down goals helps organize them in your mind and it gives you a concrete reminder.  Don’t just write goals though; write down when you’ve accomplished them.  Give yourself the satisfaction of crossing off a completed goal.

Recreate Your Surroundings.

Never forget the power of your environment to impact you.  Other people influence you every day.  Design your environment so that it’s hard not to do what you resolved. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you to succeed, build a progress chart and put it somewhere prominent, or write a blog to update people on your challenge. Insulate yourself from negative influences.  If you can’t get away from people who are dragging you down, try addressing the problem with them by talking to them and defining boundaries.

Focus On One Problem At A Time

Don’t try to do too much! Solve one problem at a time, remember you are only human.  Trying to do too many things will get you easily discouraged or unfocused.  Make one New Year’s Resolution this year, not twenty-four. Break down your goal into bite sizes pieces and take them on one at a time.

Focus On The Process.

The biggest pitfall of New Year’s Resolutions is burning out.  It’s easy to get caught up in an initial wave of enthusiasm, only to crash and burn when you are slow to see results. Work on the process itself: develop greater competence of the actual activity, habit or skill you want to acquire. For example, if you want to become fitter, don’t focus on how slowly you are losing weight; rather focus on running a little bit farther every day.  Focus on the skill itself and not on the outcome.

Forgive Yourself.

Failure is not who you are.  You do not have to be held back by your setbacks.  When you fall, get back up.  Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you respond to it. If you do happen to mess up, lose your resolve, sleep in or revert to a bad habit, don’t beat yourself up. Shrug it off and get back in the game.  Everyone makes mistakes.  We all fail.  We all miss deadlines once in a while.  Okay, so you didn’t get to the gym like you’d planned. How about a quick jog when you get home? Reflect on the lessons that failure holds, make adjustments accordingly, then fuel your inner cowboy and get back in the saddle. Life rewards those who work at it.

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