Who will you Vote for?


It’s that time of year again.  Every four years the country collectively holds its breath in anticipation of this event.  The contestants rally supporters for one final week. It all comes down to one last day.  I know what you are thinking, but no I’m not talking about the Winter Olympics.  It is election season!  Whether you like politics or not, November 6th will be an important moment for us all.  The stakes are high and the presidential race has been fierce.  I recommend that you exercise your rights as an American and go out and vote.

In honor of all of you who care enough about your country to vote, I’ve chosen an election theme for today.  You see, I’m campaigning for a new kind of office: a cleaner, better office.  My opponent is garbage.  All he does is sit around on desks all day.  I work for you.  My opponent is a waste of space; I’ll clean your space.  I’m on the cutting edge of technology.  I use the sharpest tools in the trade.  My opponent, on the other hand is pathetic; technology has left him behind.  You see, he does not care about small businesses or large ones.  All he wants to do is waste your time and money.  You can’t even find him when you need him!  I’m just a phone call away, and I want to save you trouble, not cost you dollars.  Please listen to me.  Do you want a deadweight hampering your every movement?  Do you want to drown in ink and red tape?  Do you want to be frustrated, confused, and angry, or do you want the right man for the job?   My opponent is paper.  I’m Tarheel Imaging and I approve this message.

Stop electing clutter.  Why would you ever insist on wasting your valuable resources to keep huge filing systems full of documents when there is a better way to deal with them?  Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming specializes in data disposal, retrieval, and storage.  No matter what your document needs are, we will take care of them.  If you prefer to go totally digital we can scan your documents and shred them.  If you decide you need physical copies, but don’t want to retain them, we will box them up and store them ourselves.  If you dislike computers, or think they are unreliable, we have a solution for you as well.  We can convert any document into microfilm, which will last forever.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Republican, a Democrat, or a Libertarian.  I know for a fact that you like to save money.  Take the smart choice.  Choose savings with Tarheel Imaging.  You don’t have to like politics or know anything about elections to hire us.  All you need to do is visit our website or make a phone call for a free quote.  Cast your vote for Tarheel Imaging today!