Why Shred ???

Because you DON’T want to:no liter

1. Just Dump It – Ever hear of dumpster divers? Crazy right? Not really! Identity thieves will go through a great deal if it means they might be able to obtain some information that could help them buy that new car and big screen television on your credit card. Corporate spies looking to publicly damage the competition will start in dumpsters. Media outlets will often look at dumpsters for easy stories.

2. Become Exclusive News – Sometimes finding this confidential information is completely innocent. Once your garbage is in the dumpster it is considered public information and if you have people looking for recyclables, boxes or even coupons from the Sunday newspaper, they could come across fully documents containing private information and the first place they usually report it is to the police and local media. Before you know it, you are doing an interview about why you just trashed information instead of being interviewed about your business and its successes.

3. Break the Law – Federal and state governments have enacted laws that require shredding. The most far reaching is the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2004 (FACTA). It mandates shredding and imposes stiff fines on companies that do not. The easiest way to prove legal compliance is with a “certificate of destruction that a shredding service provides.

4. Be Cheap – It might appear that buying an inexpensive shredder would be the way to go to save money. That might be a bright idea to begin with, however; depending on the size and type of shredding job that is being processed you might need something heavy duty. If you purchase a shredder that cannot handle what you need to destroy, the repairs can be quite costly. Even if you do purchase a high end shredder, please keep in mind that there are still costs associated with maintenance and repairs on a regular basis. In the long run, a cheaper alternative might be hiring an on site shredder service. At that point you have proper disposal in minutes and never have a broken shredder.

5. Create a health hazard – Assuming that people are smart enough to keep their ties and fingers out of the shredder there are still potential problems with shredders. Most office shredders are very slow and require repetitive actions to feed them. Over time this may cause repetitive stress injuries. If your office does a large amount of shredding, this can create a problem with dust. This especially affects medical offices that treat respiratory illnesses.

On a lighter note, you DO want to:

1. Educate Your Employees – do educate your employees on the importance of shredding. Employees already have a pile of work that needs to be done. Shredding is not usually monitored and becomes a very low priority. It is often left to pile up; only to be dumped in the trash and we have already covered what could potentially happen if it’s just thrown in the trash.

2. Protect Your Customers and Employees – you want to protect your customer’s information and you wouldn’t want them to fall victim to identity theft. Also, your employees’ confidential information is just as important; their personnel files, which include social security numbers, bank account information and health insurance forms. Just the right tools that could fall into the wrong hands.

3. Promote the Green Movement – There are several paper mills all over the US that recycle thousands of tons of shredded paper every day. These mills produce both tissue and office paper. You can also tell your customers about the proactive measures that your company is taking to reduce your impact on the environment.

4. Save Money – You don’t have the costs associated with repairs and maintenance of a shredder. A shredding service has industrial shredders that can shred everything you generate in minutes instead of hours or days you would need to pay employees to get the job done. You might even reduce your trash hauling costs by having a shredding service come right to your front door.

5. Take Pride – Take much pride as you want because you are a brilliant business owner for going the extra mile to follow through with all the reasons why you should shred!