Are You Prepared For What The Weather Might Hold?

If you are in Wilmington or the surrounding region, I hope you enjoyed the sunny weather.  This week was a blazing festival of warm air, sunny skies, foggy mornings and wonderfully unexpected temperatures.  While most of the country suffered under extremely cold conditions, Southeastern North Carolina enjoyed seventy to eighty degree temperatures.  Unfortunately, all good things come to an end.  A cold front from the West is moving in tonight, bringing with it low pressure storm systems.  You can expect temperatures to be much colder in the coming weeks.

What exactly causes change in the weather?  Why was Wilmington so warm in the middle of the winter?  Weather can be defined as the day-to-day changes in the atmosphere.  Weather is determined by three very important factors: temperature, humidity, and pressure. Storms often form where different air masses meet.

Warm air is usually high-pressured because the greater energy of particles makes them move more.  Conversely, cool air is low-pressured.  Think of your car tires; when it’s cold outside they are flatter because the air inside the tires condenses.  When cold air meets hot air storm fronts tend to generate.  Wind is created by high pressure air flowing into low pressure. The reason we had such warm weather this week is because a stationary warm front moved up from Florida and settled over us.  The storms that are beating down as I type are the front runner of the cold air that is moving in from the West.

Climate, on the other hand, is the long-term patterns observed in atmospheric conditions.  Climate is caused by the tilt of the earth and the distance from the sun.  When the Northern Hemisphere is tilted away from the sun, we experience winter.  Incidentally, winter in America happens when the Earth is closest to the sun.  Another key factor that goes into climate is the angle of the sun.  During the colder months, the sun never crosses the sky directly above us.  It treks across the sky at a lower angle.  We are now experiencing winter because the angle of the sun is not as intense as it is in the summer.

So what’s the point?  Why the weather channel update?  Honestly, the folks at Tarheel Imaging want lightningyou to be prepared.  If you are planning on rocking the Bermuda shorts and Hawaiian shirt for the next couple weeks, I highly suggest you reconsider.  Dress appropriately and remember that, along the coast line, weather changes all of the time.  Keep an umbrella in your car at all times.

Fortunately for us all, the weather service provides frequent updates, but who will help you update your records?  You want to be prepared for any contingency, but you just don’t know how.  Today is the day that that all changes.  Tarheel Imaging is your new bad weather friend.  We can keep your documents safe from flood or fire in our secure warehouse, we can scan all your records onto digital files, and we can back them all up on microfilm.  In fact, we can pretty much manage every aspect of documentation you can think of.  Don’t just wait for something bad to happen, buy an umbrella.  Think of Tarheel Imaging as your rain insurance.