Backup Part II


Close your eyes and imagine this combination: Aviator sunglasses, beach volleyball, and 80’s music.  If the image is still a little hazy, add in Navy flyboys, pristine motorcycles, and the California sun.  If you still don’t have a picture of the iconic fighter jet movie Top Gun firmly fixed in your mind then you need to either watch the movie again, or you were born much too recently.  Top Gun was one of the most influential movies of the past thirty years.  It has inspired countless young people to join the Navy and become pilots.  In fact, when the movie was first released, navy recruitment skyrocketed by 500%, demand for bomber jackets jumped, and Rayband Aviator sunglasses saw 40% increase in sales!  Clearly Top Gun had a huge impact on American culture, one that is still felt today.

Top Gun Plot

Top Gun, directed by Tony Scott and produced by Don Simpson and the renowned Jerry Bruckheimer, first aired in the May of 1986.  The film stars Tom Cruise as Pete Mitchell: a hot shot naval fighter pilot, appropriately nicknamed “Maverick.” Mitchell is sent to the elite “Top Gun” flying school at Miramar Naval Air Station as a replacement for his combat rattled wing man.  Once at Top Gun, Mitchell falls in love with a beautiful civilian instructor and competes with a pilot nicknamed Iceman (Val Kilmer) for the coveted top flying award given to the best pilot.  Right after the pilots graduate from advanced flight school, an emergency is radioed in and the pilots are called into action.  Iceman and Maverick are forced to fly together in a real combat situation.  After the conflict, the two rivals are reconciled and agree to be wingmen any time they fly together.

Top Gun Facts

Top Gun was the highest grossing film of 1986.  It went on to make a record breaking $353,816,701.  The film won Best Picture from the People’s Choice Awards, Best Song from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and has one of the most iconic sound tracks of all time.  Top Gun was shot with the help of the U.S. Navy.  Not only did naval officers advise the filmmakers about different aspects of the film, but they also allowed them to film on Navy hardware.  The crew filmed aboard the USS Ranger, for the carrier command scenes, the USS Enterprise, for the flight deck scenes, and NAS Miramar Naval Training Center, for the flight school scenes.  Many different flight squadrons were filmed doing routine exercises, but F-14A Tomcats, flown by the VF-51 Squadron of the Screaming Eagles, were used to film the specialized air-to-air combat scenes.

Top Gun Backup

One of the most famous scenes from the movie is a shot of Maverick and Goose (Mitchell’s best friend and long time Radar Intercept Officer) playing beach volleyball against other Pilot/R.I.O. teams.  The scene illustrates the fact that Goose always has Maverick’s back, even in something as trivial as volleyball.  The two fly together, sing together, and train together.  A Radar Intercept officer, or R.I.O, sits behind the pilot in an F-14 Tomcat.  He is in charge of communications, radar, and the systems aboard the ship.  The R.I.O basically assists the pilot in handling the plane so that the pilot can concentrate of flying.  They make such a great team that they cannot imagine flying with anybody but each other.  When Maverick is forced to fly without Goose, near the end of the movie, it unsettles him so much that he almost decides to retire his wings.

Data Backup

Flying into work without backing up your data files is kind of like flying into battle without your R.I.O.      It’s dangerous.  A Naval Aviator would never fly blind and neither should you.  Make sure that all of your files, whether they are electronic or physical, are stored somewhere secure.  Should your computer systems crash, a data backup will help you eject from that crisis situation.  Backups can be done in three different ways.  A full backup makes a copy of every file on a file system, an incremental backup only copies and stores files that have been changed since the last full backup was initiated, and a differential backup copies partial files very much like an incremental backup would, but takes less time to restore.  In any case, regardless of how you choose to backup your files, the important thing is that you consistently back them up at periodic intervals.


Every Tomcat pilot needs a good R.I.O., but he also needs a great wingman.  Maverick learned the value of teamwork when he was defeated in a training exercise.  Luckily, he learned his lesson before it was too late.  Do not jeopardize your mission by flying into business without backup.  Maverick and Iceman learned to fly together and inadvertently discovered that they made a great team.  When it came to flying, Iceman was the best wingman Maverick could ask for.  When it comes to data backups, Tarheel Imaging is the best. Without Tarheel Imaging flying by your side, you could be shot down by theft, fire, flood, or computer virus.  Contact Tarheel Imaging.  We will help you backup your electronic files, scan your physical ones, and make sure that all your documents are secure and accounted for.  Keeping files organized is a pain, but with our dedicated staff, we will have your records sorted in no time.  So what are you waiting for, the next TV showing of Top Gun?