Document Management = Time Consuming

Leisure rules

Have you ever had one of those days?  You know the days I’m talking about: the ones where you barely rolled out of bed and for the rest of the day you wish you hadn’t. Have you ever felt like calling it quits, just taking the day off to go on a hike, or sit in the park, or soak up the sun on the beach?  I was never one of those kids that hated school, but some days are just rough.  I’m sure even the staunchest attendance advocate dreams about running away and forgetting about all of his responsibilities.  It is no surprise that a movie about taking the day off has become one of the most iconic films in history, because I think each of us has a little Ferris Bueller within him.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was released on June 11, 1986.  The movie starred Matthew Broderick as an easy-go-lucky high school senior who decides to skip school one day to tour downtown Chicago with his girlfriend and his best friend, all the while avoiding his severe dean of students, his jealous older sister, and his oblivious parents.  The film was shot on a shoe string budget of $5.8 million over the course of several months.  In fact, even the screenplay was thrown together in a matter of a single week.  Despite the haphazard construction, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was massively well received by audiences nationwide.  At $70,136,360, it was one of the highest grossing films of the year.

It certainly begs the question: why was such a slapstick film so wildly popular?  I think the answer is that the movie managed to resonate with each viewer it touched.   Everyone dreams of a day off like the one experienced by Ferris.  We all wish that we could run away with no consequences.  But why not?  Why shouldn’t you take a day off?  I know, I know; you have too many things to do.  I bet document management is almost a full time job in your office.  Everyone hates paper work just like everyone hates never taking the day off.  What if I told you that you could solve both problems at once?

All you have to do is hire Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming!

Trust me; we can take care of all manner of hassle and problem for you.   We do what you can’t do for yourself. We make sure that you are not overwhelmed with papers.  Our job is to help you do your job.  If you work anywhere in the health care sector or in the business world, you know all about records.  Every client or patient has a file.  Every license, every fee, and every regulation comes with its own document attached.  Your office is probably swimming with records.  You probably have a city of filing cabinets and an army to manage them.  Tarheel Imaging offers shredding, scanning, microfilming, and storage services.  If it is made of paper, we know what to do with it.  We can dispose of, recycle, store, secure, copy, scan, fax, or shred any document that you desire.  Call us and take the day off; you deserve it.  Leave the stress to us, we’re professionals.