Epic, American, Olympic Moments


The 1980 Miracle on Ice. The 92’ Dream Team. The 99’ Women’s Soccer Team. Mary Lou Retton’s perfect 10’s. Jesse Owens’ Gold Metal In Nazi Germany. Unforgettable, iconic, American, Olympic moments in history that invoke emotions of national pride mean much more than individual honor but exude a passionate patriotism. Moments that have united America are forever etched into our memories.

The Olympics are about much more than simply athletic achievements, instead, they are dreams and aspirations, emotions, passion and moments that forever inspire others to greatness. Even more importantly, they have initiated a breakdown of racial and gender prejudices; the Olympics force the world to recognize that no person is inferior to another. In fact, the 2012 London Olympics is the first time that every country in the world brought female athletes—previously Saudi Arabia banned them. Yes, the Olympics are about the greatest athletes in the world, yet they are also about recognizing the intrinsic value of humans—regardless of their race, gender or religion. No story illustrates this better than Jesse Owens’ winning 4 gold metals in Nazi Germany with Hitler watching. The Olympics force a realization of reality.

“Faster, Higher, Stronger.” (Citius, Altius, Fortius) Intimately known to athletes, the unforgettable Olympic motto perfectly describes the tremendous amount of training the Olympians endure.  Once every four years, the world’s most elite athletes gather to compete at the Olympic games. One city, they remember forever. After years of training physically, mentally, and emotionally, one moment defines an athlete’s life and legacy. Sheer willpower, nerves and endurance all impact the athlete in the moment of competition. For a shot at glory, and for a love of their sport, it’s incredible how Olympic athletes continually persevere. With an Olympic gold metal, the athlete reaches the pinnacle of his or her career filled with exhilaration and national pride.

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