Keep Your Documents as Safe as Possible

In this rough season of hurricanes when it seems as though we have a new storm coming in every couple weeks (in some cases before repairs from the previous storm’s wrath can be finished) it is important to ensure the safety of your important files and documents. When you fear for the safety of some of your most important work, look to Tarheel Imaging to give you peace of mind.  Not only do we offer document scanning services but we also offer  document storage services to keep hard copy backups after they have been scanned.

It is document storage that freaks us out during the hurricane season.

building in need of document storage

People fear that their own houses and offices may not stand up to the beating that the frequent storms bring with them, and in the process destroy the files.  What the paperwork has going for it is that it can be moved or scanned, while a house or office cannot. It makes good business sense; so why not do it?  Let us store your documents safely away in a strong, weather resistant warehouse, which is safely tucked away from the carnage wreaked by the storms along the coast.