Feel good about the security of your electronic documents? What about your paper documents?

In this digital age, corporations and government agencies spend a lot of time locking down the security of their electronic documents, but the prospect of a paperless world isn’t quite a reality. Paper documents are still preferred by the legal system, so agencies and companies must safely store important documents.

Document storage isn’t just for mega-organizations. Small to medium sized businesses in sectors like banking, finance, and legal firms are often required to save original documents.

It is important that you not only secure your documents from theft, you should also consider keeping them safe from natural disasters. Especially when you live in disaster prone areas like the coastal Carolinas. Having your documents offsite in an appropriate facility will ensure their safety should Mother Nature show her might.

When you are shopping around for document storage services like what we provide here at Tarheel Imaging, it is important that you ask about document retrieval policies. After all, what good is storing your documents if you do not have quick and reliable access to them. Our policy is to pull boxes or single folders from inventory and schedule delivery to your office. We can also fax content if you need a quicker solution.

America’s transition to an information-based economy is changing the way organizations work. We may one day be in a truly paperless world, but until that day comes, secure and efficient management of information throughout its life cycle will be a critical endeavor for many business and agencies. Call Tarheel Imaging & Microfilming today to discuss your document storage needs.