Government Going Green?

Recently the Obama administration has set plans in motion for old Uncle Sam to head towards the direction of a paperless institution. So now what does that mean exactly? Well, it means that they are taking the first steps towards independence from paper. These are simple baby-steps, mind you, but they will certainly pay off in the long run, and wind up saving both the government and us taxpayers lots of money.

What are they doing that is going to save us all so much money and waste? The government is going to stop sending out paper benefits checks, that’s what. By 2013 the plan is for all federal benefits payments, such as those given by the Social Security Administration and the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, to be made by direct deposit into the recipient’s bank accounts. This will save literally millions of dollars in paper checks and postage fees.

It may seem like a silly and relatively pointless difference, but in actuality it benefits everyone. The government saves money on sending all these checks, and by extension so do the taxpayers. Not only do we save money on our taxes, those of us who receive these benefits are also saved the trouble of going to the bank to get the checks cashed. The money is already in the bank! Sure, some people may not like having their money just appear in the bank, since they might prefer to use cash, but in this day and age the vast majority of the population has a bank card, be it an ATM card or an actual debit card. Either way, it is a simple matter to visit an ATM to get cash, or even opt to receive cash back with nearly any card purchase at a store.

tokensSo since Uncle Sam is trying to do his part in going green, why can’t we? Most places of employment offer the option to have your checks deposited directly, rather than a paycheck, and if you do not feel any concern for the environment, saving on overall paper use, or your employer’s paper costs, then consider doing it for your own convenience’s sake. No longer will you have to wait for a check in the mail or go to your employer directly  in order to get paid, it will just be automatically available to you, come payday.

Speaking of convenience, what is more convenient than the “search” function on a computer? If you need to pull up a document or spreadsheet all you have to do it type the name of it in the search bar of the start menu of your pc and it is almost instantly brought up (and this process is only marginally slower than if you already know it’s location on the pc). The convenience of digital documentation is pretty tough to beat, whether it is your money being readily available to you at any ATM or cash point you can find or having your school or work documents a mere keystroke and a click away; so get away from your preposterously ponderous and precipitous piles of paperwork and go digital!