Origami – A meaningful use of all your leftover paper!

So now that you have all your documents imaged and scanned, think of all this access paper you have laying around.  Need a simple craft idea for the kids or just don’t know what to do with all this fabulous paper – do the inevitable – make the original Origami Crane!

This is the most classic of the origami traditions and is was by far, at first the hardest craft for origami.  These days however, it seems so easy.  Here are your instructions and pictures to follow, coming from a great website for many more origami to-dos called:  Origami Constructions!

Here are just the starter directions.  If you can’t get past step 2 – then don’t attemp it which is probably why I have the rest of the expert instructions linked below.

  1. Start with a 6 inch square origami paper
  2. Fold the bird base first – and if you don’t how to do that – click here and get the directions on that!  Without these directions, I was totally lost!  I stopped already at step 2.


So for the pros that can get past that and want to finish this crane click here!  If you can conquer the crane you can then move on with all the other thousands of documents you scanned and create the other creations.  Here is what a real master crafter can do with origami (yes this is real):