Today about 160 million tons are recycled!

A long time ago, people had been using stones, animal skins or fabrics for the purpose of communication through writing, but now paper has become the primary ingredient in letterhead. China was the first to create paper in 105AD. Tree bark, which is reduced to pulp, was used to create paper. Paper is considered one of their four greatest inventions. Leaves of papyrus plant were used in Egypt in 5,000BC. In the middle ages, Europeans, instead of using leaves, started using cloth rags from discarded clothes to create paper. The world nowadays uses about 300 million metric tons of paper per year. This is the reason that the paper recycling industry started and now about 160 million tons paper are recycled each year.

Cut treesIt is estimated that an average tree can generate 2,700 copies of an average daily newspaper. The world’s largest producers of paper and paper products are United States and Canada. The consumption of the paper and paperboard has increased from 92 million to 208 million in just 20 years which shows growth of 126%. So it seems that use of the computer has not slowed down the use of paper and paper products.

After realizing the factors of cost and difficulties of managing paper documents, many companies have changed their minds and are trying to get a paperless work environment. This is the reason that they want the services of a company which helps them to achieve this goal efficiently. Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming is a company which has been providing its services of document scanning, file storage and much more for long time. This company has concluded from thorough research that earth is wasting so much paper each day that it covers the Netherlands just in 5 minutes. It also says that a 12 foot high wall from New York to Los Angeles can be built just from the paper thrown by American every year. It can save about 17 trees if we recycle just one ton of paper. It also says that 25 percent of landfill waste is just caused by paper. The fourth largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in United States is paper industry. 1.6 million tons on gas emission can be prevented if just 10 percent of paper consumption is reduced in United States. Per capita use of paper is high all over the world but many companies including Tarheel Imaging are trying to provide new reforms to the market by introducing paper imaging and document scanning services at an affordable price to all the companies regardless of their size.