Microfilm Digitization Gaining Popularity with Libraries & Genealogical Societies

American genealogists have had a couple of hundred years to document and research their genealogies. One would think that everything about your family history would be known about already. The truth is, even the most seasoned genealogists have barely scratched the surface of genealogical data that is archived in microfiche collections across the country.

Websites like ancestry.com can only get a genealogist so far before they need to dig through reels upon reels of microfilm. While microfilm has many benefits in terms of archiving massive amounts of images, the biggest drawback for genealogists is the inability to do a “google-style” search and the fact that you have to physically visit the library or mail in a search request and payment.

Here at Tarheel Imaging we offer a service called Source Document Microfilming (SDM) where we use digital machines to scan images from microfilm to create searchable electronic documents for use in internal or web-based databases.

Digital images that are keyword searchable is the future of family history research. That is why Genealogical Societies and libraries across the nation are raising money to digitize microfilm.

One such project was the North Carolina Newspaper Digitization project found at www.archives.ncdcr.gov/newspaper/index.html. The North Carolina State Archives digitized newspapers from its collections dating from 1752-1890s. An LSTA grant provided by the State Library of North Carolina funded the project. They scanned over 23,000 images from newspapers from Edenton, Fayetteville, Hillsboro, New Bern, Salisbury and Wilmington. That is just 6 cities.

There are unique library microfiche collections in almost every county in North Carolina. There is no doubt that we have barely scratched the surface in making valuable historical documents available to researchers throughout the world.

Contact Tarheel Imaging today and find out how we can help your local library or genealogical society digitize your treasured collections.