Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  You’ve heard the slogan.  What does it mean? According to the Webster’s dictionary, recycling is defined as the processing of materials (as liquid body waste, glass, or cans) in order to regain substance for human use.  Reducing waste has become a huge movement in our modern society.  Recycling is an oft repeated buzzword that almost every company seems to latch onto.  The green movement is a powerful force that has become vastly commercialized.  However, a huge difference exists between slapping a label on a product that says one’s company is “green,” and actually having a business built around the concept of waste management. Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming is such a committed company that is uniquely designed to reduce waste.  We are dedicated to properly disposing of paper waste.  Recycling is our job.  We take care of any and all unwanted or obsolete documents by shredding them and then properly recycling the remains.

Why do we recycle?  The purpose of recycling is to save money, stop pollution, better manage resources, and prevent waste.  For example, by melting down old plastics and using them to make new plastic bottles, water bottle producers are able to reduce the amount of petroleum they consume ( which I might add, positively affects petroleum prices, but don’t get me started on gas prices).   Almost everything consumers buy is packaged in paper, plastic, or cardboard.  Recycling greatly benefits the environment because it reduces the amount of trash that is created.  Every bottle, piece of paper, and cardboard box that is recycled is one less bottle, paper, or box that has to be thrown away.

Despite its environmental value, recycling is an often disputed technique, or at least, a very resisted one.  It may seem odd that everyone does not recycle if it has so many wonderful advantages, but recycling, just like anything else on earth, has its drawbacks.  For one thing, recycling is not the most economically advantageous practice in the world.  Just think about it.  Is it cheaper for a company to gather up all of its recyclable waste and deposit it into distinct categories, or is it cheaper to slop it all together and let a trash truck take it away?  Recycling can be expensive.  Office shredders cost more than they are worth.  It can be incredibly frustrating to painstakingly shred one page at a time, only for the shredder to break.  Bring your shredding needs to Tarheel Imaging.  We have industrial-sized shredders that will delight in mulching your papers in minutes.

Not only is recycling pricey, but it is also a pain.  No one wants to pick through trash looking for paper and plastics.  I don’t know about everyone else, but I am an extremely lazy person; recycling is great, if only someone else could do it for me.  Maybe you are like me.  Wouldn’t it be great if someone else came into the place where you work and offered to dispose of all the recyclable junk that you need thrown away?   Luckily, that dream can become a reality.  Tarheel Imaging is a company that specializes in waste management.  We are committed to proper recycling.  We know the value of keeping our country clean and free from unnecessary trash and waste.  Our mission is to relieve you of unwanted files, stress, and trash.

Paper, Paper, Paper.  Does it sometimes feel like your office is a landfill?  With all of the forms, files, and faxes that come to your desk it may seem like you are buried alive.  Waste disposal can be a real challenge for businesses, both small and large.  In many previous blogs, we’ve discussed the importance of shredding documents to maintain security and privacy.  If your company already shreds high priority documents, we commend you.  You might be proud of how well your company maintains security integrity, but have you ever considered the cost effectiveness of doing your own shredding?  Remember, labor is by no means cheap in America.  Every minute that you, or someone else in the office, spend shredding is a minute you are not doing the job you were hired for.  Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming can handle your shredding for you quicker and more efficiently than you could do it yourself.  We can actually save you money!  Imagine having zero paper stress, a clutter-free office, and more money in your pocket.  How could you possibly say no?  Just give Tarheel Imaging a call for a free quote and find out just how much money and time you could save.  It’s a simple choice really.