Document Imaging and Shredding in Atlanta

The Atlanta metropolitan area is ranked at fourth position behind only New York, Houston, and Dallas, as a headquarter city of Fortune 500 companies. The most recent firms making plans to locate headquarters in Atlanta are Sony Ericsson and NCR. An Atlanta address speaks volumes of a company’s worth, which is why over seventy percent of the Fortune 1,000 have their headquarters based in the city. Bank deposits have almost doubled in the metro Atlanta area from 2000 to 2008.

The state of Georgia provides major tax incentives, which enables entities to minimize their costs of conducting business in the state. The corporate income tax in the state of Georgia stands eighth lowest in United States. The Foreign Trade Zone located at Hartsfield-Jackson, was the first of its kind providing lower duties for products changed by manufacturing, assembling, or otherwise being manipulated. Tax credits provided to businesses that enter the metro Atlanta area include Job Tax Credit, Corporate Tax Credit, Job Tax Credit Bonus and Mega Project Tax Credit. Tax exemptions too, may be available like property tax and sales tax exemptions.

Meeting the challenges of the ever growing population in Atlanta requires those businesses, hospitals and government agencies to be more efficient, especially in this economic environment. Our document imaging Atlanta company enables businesses to convert information contained in files that are paper based. This leads to greater productivity, better performance, and more profits for the company. Atlantia businesses are able to bring down their document management costs when they employ our document imaging and shredding services by saving on labor intensive work of filing and tracking down information.

It has been found that employees spend as many as four hours a day searching for information that is locked away in files. When crucial information is needed immediately and but can’t be located, the company’s performance and profits are affected. Our document scanning and imaging solutions bring down the costs and give employees the tools to retrieve documents in near real time.

As a document scanning Atlanta company, Tarheel can convert paper, microfilm, microfiche, rare documents, slides, & drawings, and help a business convert to a paperless organization. This not only helps the environment by saving trees, it also helps the business by saving time and being more productive. Utilizing web hosting services allows businesses to access and archive the documents scanned on a real-time basis. These document management websites are backed up every night, thus making the risk of losing information non-existent. It is also possible to secure the information, so only authorized personnel can have access from anywhere. The personnel can be allotted full or limited access, depending on a need to know basis.

In situations where legal obligations require places like hospitals and government agencies to keep documents at specific locations, it is possible to have our Tarheel personnel perform on site document imaging and shredding in Atlanta. The added benefit to government agencies and hospitals having their files and documents scanned and securely put online, is when documents are needed at an out of city location. If the documents are online, they can be dispatched quickly without incurring any additional transport costs. Where on-site document scanning in Atlanta is not an issue, it is possible to have the job done off-site.

Since document imaging is a labor intensive task, it is often not cost effective for a company to have it carried out by their own personnel. In these situations, it can be outsourced to companies like Tarheel specializing in the field. The advantages of using Tarheel are:

  1. we have personnel trained in processing the maximum number of documents in the shortest amount of time
  2. have the specialized machinery necessary to carry out the scanning process, without disrupting the normal functioning of the business.
  3. do no require capital investment on the customer’s part since we already have high speed equipment

By using Tarheel’s document imaging Atlanta personnel, the staff can have access to any image of any document with a few key strokes without having to leave their seat. Depending on the type of storage facilities used, the information can be made available from any location, at any time. Also the information is secure in case of a fire or any other disaster, like floods.

Document scanning is a must for all businesses requiring safekeeping of documents for long periods of time and yet having ready and quick access when necessary. Document scanning for Atlanta businesses is becoming a bigger priority because as a company grows, so does the need for storage. The increasing numbers of files leads to the need for more file cabinets and not to mention rooms to store the cabinets. The battle of space is unending, scanning of documents eliminates all this.  Tarheel can handle your document shredding once the documents have been digitized.